8 Life Projects To Help You Overcome Low Self-Esteem

I’m a fan of this article and it feels intended for Exalted Peacock… complete with peacock photo at the top!  I love #1 and should definitely do more of #7.  How about you?  Which of these simple projects might be right up your alley?



Amy Schumer’s Powerful Speech About Confidence

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I became my own fairy godmother.

ExaltedPeacock‘s insight:

This transcript is so touching and REAL.

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CARE Wash – Monday Motivation #43

A Car Wash

A mist of cool relief wafts across my legs as soap bubbles rise slowly and pause suspended for milliseconds before popping in the shade of the artificial canal.Care Wash

Foam and filth create a frothy rivulet flowing under the chassis and then down a grated opening only slightly smaller than a manhole.

My vehicle chugs forward hydraulically propelled along a track that’s only visible in glimpses stolen when Read More…

The Ego is not who you really are. The ego is your self-image; it is your social mask; it is the role you are playing. Your social mask thrives on approval. It wants control, and it is sustained by…

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Deepak Chopra: The Ego is not who you really are.

ExaltedPeacock‘s insight:

Sometimes we get so caught up in our storefront selves (ego) that we can no longer see true ourselves at all… even when looking in earnest.

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Esalen Transplants – Monday Motivation #42

I’ve not done Monday Motivation since October 2013; this month has been such an inspiring one that I had to return to it.

Isn’t she pretty?

"Isn't she pretty?"

“Isn’t she pretty?”

I planted a strawberry plant last week.

I don’t have a green thumb at all and lord knows desert dirt, even after being heavily supplemented with compost, is a pitiful excuse for potting soil. So I was shocked to see that my strawberry is already blooming.

Isn’t she pretty?

Strawberry is me … metaphorically

It touched me to see the strawberry this morning because it’s the perfect metaphor for my own life at this very moment.

You see, I went to Esalen Institute a couple weeks ago for a one-week escape with my girls.  The three of us piled ourselves and Read More…

Self-acceptance – the secret to a happier life and the least practiced …

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One of the most powerful habits for happiness and life satisfaction is self-compassion, or self-acceptance. Yet this is also one of the most secret habits, one that is least likely to be practiced. The non-profit organization, Action …

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10 Empowering Phrases Every Woman Should Wear Proudly Across Her Forehead

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There are certain words that every woman should embody. We should be known for carrying ourselves with our shoulders back, full of pride and confidence.
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Allison Marie – Allow your authentic self to be… | Facebook

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Allow your authentic self to be seen…..Please Share the ❤ Love… http://t.co/7LNkeTSpRO
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Slowing down

What makes us slow down?  And when we do, what makes us feel how we do about it?

Pineapple PunchSometimes when I slow down, I feel refreshed.  I think “man I deserved this break! And this feels so good – why did it take me so long to do it.”  And then I take another sip of my Piña Colada and smile at the little umbrella stabbed into the pineapple “mug”

But others times Read More…

Dolls without makeup: An artist’s vision goes viral – TODAY.com

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Barbie has been scrutinized for years over everything from her controversial body proportions to her outfits and accessories to her…
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