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Veni Vidi Vici – Monday Motivation #44

Veni Vidi Vici

My son and I are reading a book and the chapter that we will begin tomorrow is titled “Vini Vidi Vici.”  It’s Latin for

I came. I saw. I conquered.

I love that phrase because it feels so powerful, even in its simplicity. To arrive at a place, survey it, and then to overcome it, defeat it … trounce it, as it were.

I want to read that chapter.  When I read those words, I picture myself in standing ovation.  “Bravo!” I say, smiling, “Bravo and good show!”

As I consider why it is so powerful a phrase, it brings to mind
Read More…


CARE Wash – Monday Motivation #43

A Car Wash

A mist of cool relief wafts across my legs as soap bubbles rise slowly and pause suspended for milliseconds before popping in the shade of the artificial canal.Care Wash

Foam and filth create a frothy rivulet flowing under the chassis and then down a grated opening only slightly smaller than a manhole.

My vehicle chugs forward hydraulically propelled along a track that’s only visible in glimpses stolen when Read More…

Esalen Transplants – Monday Motivation #42

I’ve not done Monday Motivation since October 2013; this month has been such an inspiring one that I had to return to it.

Isn’t she pretty?

"Isn't she pretty?"

“Isn’t she pretty?”

I planted a strawberry plant last week.

I don’t have a green thumb at all and lord knows desert dirt, even after being heavily supplemented with compost, is a pitiful excuse for potting soil. So I was shocked to see that my strawberry is already blooming.

Isn’t she pretty?

Strawberry is me … metaphorically

It touched me to see the strawberry this morning because it’s the perfect metaphor for my own life at this very moment.

You see, I went to Esalen Institute a couple weeks ago for a one-week escape with my girls.  The three of us piled ourselves and Read More…

11 Body Image Heroes Of 2013

“I am a big girl. A voluptuous, curvy, dress-wearing lesbian. I love my body; it’s the only one I’ll ever have.”

The above statement from “Same Love” singer Mary Lambert shouldn’t sound so extraordinarily brave — but it is. Despite the fact that the media floods us with images of supposed “female perfection” on a daily basis, and things sometimes seem like they’re not getting better at all, an increasing number of people have spoken out during 2013 about how we treat women’s bodies — and why standard beauty ideals are failing us.

We want to recognize the people who weren’t afraid to use their voices to bring attention Read More…

Philharmonic Friday: Closer I am to Fine

I love the idea that sometimes we should stop searching for ourselves and just relax in who we are.   Read More…

Hump Day FIVE

Today is even more special than most Wednesdays because it is a rare FIFTH Wednesday in the same month (lucky October!)

Remember today, for it’s the beginning.  today marks the start of a brand new future.

I have decided to make today special by including a really amazing infographic life hack that I thought was a great reminder of things that we know but don’t always think about.  I personally love item 8 (no surprise there – I blog about it pretty regularly) but I also like five, 12, 18, 29 and … well Read More…

Finding Inspiration Part 2 – Monday Motivation #41

Last week I wrote about the stories of two women; their stories are inspiring and moving – each on their own but even more so when taken in tandem with one another.

No Excuses

Both of these women have had life experiences that give them a “pass” – things that really give them permission to step back from the leading edge.

Malala was raised in the violent Swat Valley in Pakistan, under the oppressive hand of the Taliban in a “Wild West” kind of existence.  She talked in her interview with Jon Stewart about Read More…

Finding Inspiration – Monday Motivation #40

Inspiration Personified

I recently heard two very different inspiring stories that pushed me into a new space in terms of self-acceptance and positive outlook.  This post is part ONE of a two part series based on these women; I was touched in a way that led to a blog post far too long to post all at once so I split the biggest ideas into two pieces. Let’s start with these amazing stories.

I’d cross an ocean…

On September 3, after a 30+ year hiatus from swimmer and three recent failed attempts, Diana Nyad swam from Cuba to Key West Florida. News reports vary but most say she swam 103, 110 or 112 miles.

She swam more than a hundred miles under Read More…

Philharmonic Friday: Champagne Supernova

A week or so ago, I shared this song with a friend of mine.

It was after a long night of writing and talking.

Confession Bear had also stopped by and emotions were a little close to the surface.

I played this song to complete a point that I was making … something touching and beautiful but easily misunderstood.

As the song played, the moment was so Read More…

Every Girl Is Beautiful – Monday Motivation #39

So I was communing with my blogging friends online as I am prone to do from time to time – reading, musing, commenting and otherwise just enjoying the company of like-minded people when I stumbled upon a blog that was such a slap in the face that I reread it twice.

I was on BLUNTmoms as I read and then reread and then sipped my coffee and smiled.  Blunt Moms is a blog run by a collection of women who are way more than mothers.  Sometimes their messages are funny and sometimes serious and direct.

The post I read that jolted me is one about girls and beauty (great for Exalted Peacock’s reader’s).Every Girl is Beauitful

It all began with this photo from Instagram:

Think about the picture and the quote … contemplate your own opinion Read More…

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