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Broken Ones – Monday Motivation

The Voice’s Jacquie Lee really was a “home space” for me this week as I recuperate from a rough stumble.

She performed on the Voice and the song was a lovely salve (I am behind the airing times since I watch on hulu as time allows).

Still…  such a great song – amazing message.

We wear a smile to hide that we’ve been hurt before
Keep our disasters in a suitcase by the door.
Y’know we’re only human …

Hiding our hurt and pain is like hiding our humanity really — denying that, lie everyone else in the world, we too have been beat up a bit.

A Motivation Monday that feels like a Philharmonic Friday — Let’s mix it up

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Philharmonic Friday: My Day

The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony is today and no matter what you think of Russia or of the Olympics, there is something motivating about anyone willing to push themselves to achieve their highest potential.

Late last year, Danielle Bradbery returned to the Voice stage and gave us a sneak peek of Read More…

Philharmonic Friday: Imperfect is the New Perfect


New Year’s resolutions…. resolve to change… resolve to be better .. resolve to lose weight … resolve to be different than you are now.  It is all the rave and our commercial society doesn’t mind taking advantage of it either  😦

I think this song is perfect for this time of year.  I am NOT suggesting that we stop bettering ourselves but I am saying:

Ask yourself WHY you’re changing things Read More…

Philharmonic Friday: Beautiful Day

This song is such an mood and attitude lifter – it’s just perfect for this week as we wind down from the scurry and bustle of so many Holidays and still keep yoiur energy up so youi can prepare for the New Year celebrations.

So no matter whether you celebrate Hanukah, the Winter Soltice, Christmas, or (as of yesterday) Kwanzaa, listen to this and relax.. put your drop top down (figuratively in those states that have snow), turn it up and sing …

It’s a beautiful day! Read More…

Philharmonic Friday: Go Down Singing

I just heard this song this week on the Voice and I was blown away.  Michelle Chamuel is amazing and I think she should have won last year.  (sob)

When I am feeling down or my self-esteem tank is running low, Read More…

Philharmonic Friday: You Are Loved

You are Loved

Josh Groban has an amazing voice for deeply moving songs.  In particular, I love “You Raise Me Up” and  and at Christmas time, there is nothing better than Josh Groban belting “Noel!” at the end of “Oh Holy Night.”

And then came this song and I could immediately relate.

Everybody wants to be understood.  And yet we so often let ourselves be dragged down and we feel lost and alone even in crowds.

Everybody needs Read More…

Philharmonic Friday: Beautiful

Because this song is from the 70s, it reminds me of family – my own family from when I was young.  And because we are currently sitting on the day after Thanksgiving, these two (the day and Ms Carole King’s song) seem fitting for one another.  

Carole sings an amazing anthem to Self Esteem here – one that is worth pulling out of the archives and cranking up on the stereo long before your Uncle passes out on the couch from another plate of Thanksgiving leftovers.

My personal favorite line is: Read More…

Philharmonic Friday: Crooked Smile

What’s real is something that the eyes can’t see, that the hands can’t touch.

So true!  I love this song about having an imperfection – even one that is right up front and personal where everyone will absolutely see it and notice… such as a crooked smile. What I love is that Read More…

Philharmonic Friday: Brave

I totally love love love this song!  It screams out that we need to be ourselves but also acknowledges that to do so means that we must be brave.

I wanna see you Read More…

Philharmonic Friday: Closer I am to Fine

I love the idea that sometimes we should stop searching for ourselves and just relax in who we are.   Read More…

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