Bird Calls (or Podcasts)

To access the original blog post where these podcasts were hung, just click on the podcast title.  🙂  ENJOY. 

PodCast #5: Marinate in Self Esteem & Joy instead of Wallowing in Self Pity & Sadness

1 August 2013


Isn’t it funny how we sometimes wallow in our disgust and disappointment?  When I’m unhappy or even unmotivated, I spend time thinking about it and mulling over all the reasons why and all the things that are wrong and … basically, I pout sinking deeper into the situation. Inasmuch as I can amplify my doldrums by wallowing, I can reverberate my joy using the same basic concept. But seriously – who could call that wallowing?  It’s lovely and warm … like soaking in a hot tub after a long day — I am “steeping” in the lovely thing that is my life.  Join me.   


PodCast #4: Validation and What It Means For Your Self Esteem

29 July 2013


This week, I am wondering about what makes us do what we do. Why do we participate in things?  What drives us to “do better,” and achieve more?   How do we define if we are personally successful?  Is there an amount of fame and notoriety? Or perhaps a dollar amount where’d I’d be happy to lounge around all day and not feel like a worthless slug?   Something to ponder as the week begins… 


PodCast #3: Self-talk Equals Self-Image

09 July 2013


When a day starts with a kick to the gut (or turns that way), how do you stop it from continuing to have a ripple effect on your day and your self esteem?  Today started with a kick  — this podcast talks about getting out of that spiral.  And the day improved from there … and ended with a lovely post from Media Gallery reminding me that even JK Rowling sometimes gets kicked.


PodCast #2: I am enough

20 May 2013


Who are you supposed to be? And when is it OK to redefine who you are and how you function? I feel myself changing as I slide into retirement – in some ways reverting to a kid again. How does that fit with “being enough” for those around me who have come to expect me to behave in my old ways?


PodCast #1: Something to Crow About

06 May 2013


Podcasting via Bird Calls has officially launched!  The most overwhelmingly joyous week EVER!! Motivation Monday #18 is the most succulent French Dip Sandwich 🙂 A perfect time to reflect on YOUR cornerstones of Joy.


PodCast Prequel #3: Who is that raving madwoman??

29 April 2013
((Note: this podcast was posted on its own and does not have a link in the title. It is only available right here on this page))


Welcome to my ramblings. Otherwise known as: I am not as stodgy and pompous as my voice sounds on other recordings. I swear it!


PodCast Prequel #2: Goethe says Goeth

29 April 2013

Oh my my my.  I meant for you to go out there fearlessly and pursue the life that makes you happy. This podcast will forever be chalked up to “early edition” and “I was learning.  🙂 


PodCast Prequel #1: BeacHappy

03 October 2012


My first attempt at audio anything.  I loved the poem when I wrote it 🙂


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