This site is a mirror to my primary Blog site. I am new to WordPress and working to become a better blogger and webpage maintainer while trying desperately to prevent catastrophic failure on ExaltedPeacock.com Thank you so much for reading and/or subscribing. 🙂

I am a mother of two, a military retiree, a writer, a blogger and most importantly a human being.  I took my abusive childhood cocktail with a dysfunctional marriage chaser and by the time I was approaching forty, I really had to stop and assess the “train off the rails” approach I was taking to my life.

In the past few years,  I’ve cleared away the clutter and much of the negativity in my life, delved into self-esteem and self-love and focused deliberate energy on fostering those things in my life.

I’m flawed, scarred, imperfect and yet I’m realizing that I am also still an amazingly talented intelligent woman who deserves to be loved, respected and appreciated for all that she is.

Today I write books, blog and offer support to others who have also struggled with self esteem.  Exalted Peacock is one piece of that journey.


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