What is an Exalted Peacock?

Exalted Peacock is not a name we stumbled upon easily.  It was a deliberate choice made with great thoughtfulness and intention.


First we chose the peacock as a bird that figuratively represents tenets of our company and ideas that we’d like to continue to cultivate in ourselves and others.

Peacock Tenet: PrideColorful Peacock

Over the centuries, the peacock has come to represent pride. Here at Exalted Peacock we hope to instill and grow a sense of pride in each of those people that we are able to reach.  So often society shuns pride as being akin to vanity or narcissism – we disagree.  We believe every person has a right to be proud of themselves and to unabashedly feel the joy that pride brings.  Dictionary.com has multiple definitions of “Proud” – below are the first 3:

  1. feeling pleasure or satisfaction over something regarded as highly honorable or creditable to oneself
  2. having, proceeding from, or showing a high opinion of one’s own dignity, importance or superiority
  3. having or showing self-respect or self-esteem

These feelings are ones we hope to grow in ourselves and in those with whom we come in contact.  Forget what society says and really take a close look at who you are and what is so amazing about being you.  You will find hundreds of reasons to be proud.  We want to help you discover those.

Peacock Tenet: Positive Introspection

Symbolism: the Ocellus

The shape at the tips of the peacock plumage are known as ocellus or eyespots, from the Latin word “oculus” which means eye.  And here at Exalted Peacock, we say: look at yourself – spend time in the mirror – both literally and figuratively in introspection.  Intentionally and deliberately examine the person within and find those gems of beauty and uniqueness.  Use all the eyes on the peacock’s tail, use a thousand eyes, see yourself from all your beautiful angles.  This is how you grow your list of reasons to be proud – reasons to love yourself.

Peacock Tenet: Tenacious Protection of One’s Self-worth

Symbolism: the Peacock’s Immunity to Poisons

Much of our self image comes from what others say to us (verbally and non-verbally) and how we translate that into self-talk; often those messages are poisonous to a healthy self-image.  In Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the peacock is a symbol of purification; in fact, the Latin word for peacock (Pavo) comes from the Sanskrit epithet Pavana or “purity.”  Buddhist teachings say that peacocks have the ability to eat poisonous plants (and even snakes) without being affected by them – even using the absorbed materials to make the beautiful colors in their feathers.

So often our environment offers us mental poison, giving us images of ourselves that look like inadequacy, unworthiness and worse.  But when we love ourselves unconditionally and recognize that these messages can be looked at from other perspectives, we turn this poison into our own beautiful colors.  Surviving these poisonous external messages and retrofitting them with a new positive personal perspective, helps us to strengthen our  confidence and self-esteem – and therefore our happiness.  And the result of that:  even more radiant vibrant joyful beauty.

To love one’s self and be proud of the unique beautiful qualities that make you special, amazing and worthy is only the first part of Exalted Peacock.

Exalt Yourself

The second part of our company name was chosen because we want you to Exalt yourself – celebrate the amazing person you are.  Again we went to dictionary.com and found the following definitions:

    1. To raise in rank, honor, power, character, quality; elevate
    2. To praise; extol
    3. To stimulate, as the imagination
    4. To intensify, as a color

Exalted Peacock Tenet: Willingness to Fan Your Plumage

To be proud alone is a wonderful concept, but to be willing to fan your plumage no matter who is watching – that is something else entirely!  The peacock’s plumage typically trails behind them as a train, lightly hovering above and even sometimes sweeping the ground; but when mating season comes they use their tail feathers to lift the plumage and spread it for the peahens to see.  They raise those feather proudly and show them off.

And at Exalted Peacock, we say that is exactly the right idea:

  • Raise your tail feathers; be joyful and exuberant in celebrating yourself.
  • Give yourself the time and love and attention that you are willing to give to others that you love.
  • Celebrate yourself in small ways each day- ways that strengthen the person within, that strengthen your beliefs in your worth, that allow you to feel the joy, satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from self-love and believing in yourself.
  • When someone “puts you on the spot,” challenges your style, your opinion, your beliefs, anything about you – don’t cower or shy away from that moment. Think of the peacock and exalt yourself – lift those tail feathers and show them your beautiful self.

Celebrate you.

Lift up your own voice in exaltation – even if that voice is the one inside your own head.

So what is an Exalted Peacock?  It is every single one of you reading this.  It is a person who is beautiful and intended and love-worthy and praise-worthy and worthy of celebrating.  I read a quote on an amazingly uplifting website that fits here and thankfully Melanie Moushigian Koulouris gave us permission to use it:

“Seek deep within your inner self and magnify the many colorful layers within your magnificent and vibrant soul. Expose and express your bold and beautiful self by spreading your feathers freely and proudly like a peacock for all the world to see.”


An Exalted Peacock is someone who seeks daily to find the courage to love and trust themselves enough to do precisely that.


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