I turned around. “Where did you come from?” I cupped his face and kissed him lovingly. “Where the hell do men like you come from?”

“Men? Men?! Bah,” he scoffed. “There is only one me.” I threw my head back and laughed, putting my hands up. He bit my neck. “What’s so funny?”

I looked at him again. “Ahhh. Fuck, hun. Nothing. Nothing at all is funny.”  I rested my upper arms on his shoulders, wrapping one around them and coiling the other atop his head. “It’s so true. You are unique and special. And I love you.” I melted into our kiss, savoring the taste of him in my mouth as his hands stroked down my back and cupped my ass. He lifted me and set me onto the counter, stepping between my now open legs. My mini-skirt rose up to my panty line, exposing my dusty rose thong. His right hand came away from my ass and traced the outside of my thigh, finding the hem of my skirt and following it around the top of my thigh and between my legs. I wrapped my heels behind his knees and opened my legs even farther. He teased the seam of my thong, following it from high on my thigh to the juncture of leg and pelvis. He tickled the tendon that was stretched taut. I inhaled and tilted my hips for him. He rubbed a thumb over the silky material, pushing it against my body and causing it to absorb the juices that were already flowing. We moaned simultaneously as his thumb reached my clit. “I want you…” I breathed.

“I see that.” He slid my panties aside and teased my slit, coating his finger without pushing it inside me. I pulled his shirt over his head and stroked his chest. Hopping off the counter, I kissed and licked his nipples as I undid his pants. Sliding my thumbs into the sides of them, I pushed them down. I had barely gotten them below his ass when he pulled me back to standing and stepped into me, pinning me between him and the counter. His cock was a rod between us, pressing against my pelvis. He stripped my shirt off, yanked my skirt up to my waist, and hooked my panties with his thumb, sending them sliding down my legs. As he lifted me, I wrapped my legs around him, … …


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