Sample the Work

Exalted Peacocks first book, Sunrise Fires, was published in January 2013 and has made it’s way to an e-store near you!

Titled Sunrise Fires, is an erotic romance about one woman’s journey to save her love life and, along the way, save herself. A debut novel by Heather LaBarge, “Sunrise Fires,” is a vividly sensual work that follows the story of Jennifer Simmons, a Las Vegas-based sales executive trying to find her way professionally without losing the love of her life, Ryan Riverton. The two share a true emotional connection and titillating physical chemistry that plays out in Heather’s sultry sex scenes. A survivor of two failed marriages, Jennifer struggles to believe that she can ever simultaneously have professional and romantic success. Her world turns upside down when an opportunity arises that will advance her career, but may risk her relationship.

To sample some of the writing, please use the links below.

CAVEAT: This book is an erotic romance therefore some segments may not be appropriate for all readers; please keep that in mind as you decide if you wish to visit the links provided.




If that wasn’t nearly enough, download the Sunrise_Fires_first_five chapters for free. 




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