CARE Wash – Monday Motivation #43

A Car Wash

A mist of cool relief wafts across my legs as soap bubbles rise slowly and pause suspended for milliseconds before popping in the shade of the artificial canal.Care Wash

Foam and filth create a frothy rivulet flowing under the chassis and then down a grated opening only slightly smaller than a manhole.

My vehicle chugs forward hydraulically propelled along a track that’s only visible in glimpses stolen when the vehicle’s momentum sloshes the sludge creek aside.

The hood emerges through a cascade of “sheeting action” and glistens anew. The matte pollen coating and smatterings of bird droppings and insect carcasses have been rubbed away to reveal a glossy slate factory shine.

Worker bees drag towels along her top and sides racing evaporation to give her a spot-free finish.

And then a hose screams to life, snaking through the interior hungrily scarfing up desert remnants and carelessly dropped french fries while puffs of sky are sprayed onto glass surfaces and buffed to crystal clarity.

A quick wipe over the dash and doors, a fragrant vanilla tree hung from the mirror and VOILA!

In less than half an hour, my Accord is visually transformed to the beauty I know her to be.

…Turned CARE Wash

Would that it were so simple with our own souls!

A Monday morning $7.99 special later and voila:

  • Gone would be the matte coating of degrading and demeaning words that dull my glossy spirit.
  • Erased would be the carcasses of abusive events and life traumas
  • My joyfulness would be buffed to a liquid clear shine
  • A commercial vacuum to suck away negative self-talk
  • Squirts of affirmation puffed into dusty low-esteem corners

And all else would be window dressing.

The analogy works.

We send our vehicles through a CAR wash … so why not take our spirits / souls through a CARE wash?

Esalen was a beginning to that.  I met people there who helped me construct the facility inside myself – now I just need to frequent it … often.  A place where I treat myself with compassion and kindness, and buff up my spirit and self esteem.

Today, I’ll think on the ways that I might be able to deliberately enact this process in small ways routinely.  What are some things that you do to keep your spirit bright and clear?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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