Mother Nature’s Beauty

Mother NatureI was talking to a friend this morning about how weather and more specifically, Mother Nature, is such a beautiful and yet powerful entity that has warmth and beauty and yet passion and wrath at the same time. This prose is what came from that:

She can kiss you with the sun, shower you in light tropical mist, bathe you in warmth and light, caress your skin with a cool coastal evening breeze, sing your praises as she sails through cattails and tall marsh grasses, or blanket you with quiet untouched snow.

Conversely she can rebuff you with gales whipping and frothing off the ocean, pummel you in torrential downpours, bite you with early morning frost and repeatedly stab with hail daggers before relegating you to a mass huddling in the corner under a pile of covers near a fireplace as she berates you from on high complete with an electrified light show.

Mother nature, like each of us, is a multifaceted entity of beauty and complexity.


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