Philharmonic Friday: You Are Loved

You are Loved

Josh Groban has an amazing voice for deeply moving songs.  In particular, I love “You Raise Me Up” and  and at Christmas time, there is nothing better than Josh Groban belting “Noel!” at the end of “Oh Holy Night.”

And then came this song and I could immediately relate.

Everybody wants to be understood.  And yet we so often let ourselves be dragged down and we feel lost and alone even in crowds.

Everybody needs to be heard.  We crave that connectedness that being understood brings.  It is so often the heart of our bond with others.

You are loved.  … … Swelling in throat and eyes seize a little in an effort to prevent the tears from coming.  Being loved, especially by MYSELF feels amazing and lovely.

And I want to have that feeling in more than small euphoric moments.

I want it all the time.

Songs like this one help me try to get there.

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