Hump Day FIVE

Today is even more special than most Wednesdays because it is a rare FIFTH Wednesday in the same month (lucky October!)

Remember today, for it’s the beginning.  today marks the start of a brand new future.

I have decided to make today special by including a really amazing infographic life hack that I thought was a great reminder of things that we know but don’t always think about.  I personally love item 8 (no surprise there – I blog about it pretty regularly) but I also like five, 12, 18, 29 and … well ALL OF THEM.  As you read them, hover your mouse over them and you’ll find that I have linked really cool posts to some of the best ones.

 ((I want to thank Image Mapper online for making this post so simple: Upload your image, map it, get your code!))

who should you avoid? Exalted Your Inner Peacock You already have more than you realize Forgiveness brings peace Even the Honesty strengthens relationships Nurture Important Relationships Imagine the possibilities Image Map
by shadeed9. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.
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