Sotheby’s at Saver’s – Monday Motivation #37


I went thrift shopping this weekend.  It wasn’t planned but as my son hopped back into the car after a Rainbow Company meeting, he announced that we needed black pants and shoes before Monday.


“Yeah, mom.  Set crew.  We aren’t supposed to be seen or heard and dress rehearsals are this week.”

Ugh.  I hate unplanned outings like this. But Sunday was already booked up so, it would have to be right then.  Rolling my eyes, and fussing at him for the last minute rush, I slipped the car into drive and pulled away from the Arts Center.

As I often do when I find myself fuming, I took a moment to adjust my perspective toward something more positive.

“Well, I need to get a few blouses for my new job anyway; what better time than now?”

We headed to a thrift store because

  1. I love thrift stores for the feeling of value that I get for my money.
  2. I had four bags of clothing and other items that had been desperately begging to find new homes.
  3. My son is 14, therefore everything I buy is rendered completely useless within six months simply because three-quarter sleeves haven’t come back since the 80s and I’m not sure Huck Finn high-waters will ever be back in style – and because I dislike the idea of paying full price for items that don’t seem to get “full use.”

We spent Saturday afternoon like every other thrift store trip: flipping thru row after row of the item(s) we needed only to pile the cart perilously high with at least twice as many things as we could ever purchase.  The dressing room’s 6-item-limit is obeyed if we can interpret “obeyed” to mean that I only ever have 6 items in there at once; I pull on and off the first five and then come out of the room wearing the sixth, trading out the first things for 5 new ones and ducking back into my cubicle of judgment.  I repeated this process many times that afternoon and then my son took a turn.

Exhausted from having dressed in a month’s wardrobe in the past three hours, we fled the scene victoriously just as the sun sank below the mountains to our west.

Value, Examination, Appreciation

This morning as I was plucking the tags off of our purchases and preparing to wash them, I thought about who wore these clothes last.  A beautiful navy blue blouse.  Ann Taylor – Oh my, name brand. Was she well-to-do? Why didn’t she want this shirt anymore? It seems like a perfectly good and usable blouse; in fact, I quite like it.

Pluck. Examine. A turquoise rayon blouse with a loose draping neckline.  It’ll bring out my eyes. And accentuate my neck. Delicate, yet comfortable.  Ponder. Who would discard something so nice? And why? Well, whomever they were, I’m glad they decided to share it.  Toss into the laundry basket.

Pluck, examine, ponder, toss into the laundry basket.

Pluck examine, ponder, toss into the laundry basket.  Some knits, button downs, and business casual tops. All ready for washing and then for wearing.

Life’s parallels

And I think how much this is like life.

Like people and relationships.

Having been divorced twice, one could say that I have been discarded (or perhaps my ex-husbands have) and am now ready to belong to someone else.

  • Pluck – the ring off
  • Examine – what went wrong in my life choices
  • Ponder – what inside me is worthy of keeping and what might need a little scrubbing up
  • Toss – into life’s laundry basket and send thru the wash so that I might be bright and fresh, ready for whatever the future holds for me

Yes – we live happy lives long after we’ve parted from one person and moved on, ready for another.

We are just as beautiful as we were on the first day after the seamstress was done making us …

Beyond Sotheby’s

sothebysAnd – the only place where I find that this analogy fails is that life is not on consignment – relationships are not thrift store purchases.

No, we are diamonds – forged over time by life’s experiences.

So priceless that even Sotheby’s couldn’t handle our sale

We can only be gifted.

You are a gift.  One that only you can give to someone.




Happy Monday

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3 responses to “Sotheby’s at Saver’s – Monday Motivation #37”

  1. Stephanie @ From the Burbs to the Boonies says :

    That’s a very elegant analogy, I like it 🙂 I had a thought yesterday that emotions are like the currency of a relationship. You have to trust who you invest them in because the return you get can either help you grow or pull you down. And thrift stores are my FAVORITE!

  2. Regina Partain says :

    Hi Heather. Interesting analogy. I like it. And, our lives are a gift from a loving Heavenly Father. We need to take good care of our selves just as we take good care of those clothes.

    Steph, I really liked your comments as well.

    Thanks for sharing Heather.

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