Autumn’s Joy – Monday Motivation #35

Autumn is supposed to be here.

It’s the middle of September after all.

But I live in Las Vegas and the temperatures still soar to nearly 100 degrees (F) every day.

Still, I can get there.

I can remember this time of year from back when I was young and living on the east coast. Instead of feeling disappointed that Autumn hasn’t begun to make it’s mark here, I’m traveling to a place and time when Autumn is exactly what I want it to be.

By this time, the leaves will have begun to turn and fall away from their tender roosts on branches so high above my head. I would delight in the rainbow of rusts, oranges, reds, and browns that surrounded me, just out of reach. Autumn Leaves Just Out of Reach

Eventually the little papery invitations-to-winter would be delivered in a flurry as gusts swept them into the air and then released them to float down to earth.

We’d rake them up.

I hated that chore because my nose dripped in little watery sniffles and my thumb always blistered at the crux where it joins the hand. But then we always broke the rules and plopped heavily into the mounds we’d made; huge fluffy piles like unstuffed feather pillows waiting to catch our tired little bodies.

And once you were silly enough to plop, the next step was always that your siblings gathered armfuls of leaves and poured them over you, burying you in the smell of fall.


The smells of Autumn go beyond the rainbow of leaves departing for the season:  crisp lung-clearing air spiced with apple cider, fresh McIntosh apples baking in pies sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar, and pumpkins scalped, cored and carved into jack-o-lanterns of both whimsy and fright.

Autumnal Joy Collage

I miss those Autumns from so long ago.

And yet, if I set my mind to it, I can travel back to them and relive them right now in the present.  In fact,

“Do you remember? Dancing in September? Golden dreams were shining days?”

Join me for spiced cider

Care to join me for some cider?

This song by Earth, Wind and Fire was huge back then …

Happy Autumn.

Care to join me for some cider?

What memories do you return to that always bring you joy, contentment and happiness?  I’d love your thoughts in the comments below.


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5 responses to “Autumn’s Joy – Monday Motivation #35”

  1. Tanya says :

    Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. I live out east so I’m lucky enough to see the changing colors. I love that song September too! Visiting from Sits.

  2. Tanya says :

    Autumn is ome of my favorite seasons. I’m lucky enough to leave out east so I get to see the changing colors!

  3. Cottage By The Sea says :

    I live at the beach in Southern California. Not much change here either. I leave my windows open, put fake leaves around my pillars outside, bring out the pumpkin doormat and have a fake fall. Still works for me!

    • Exalted Peacock says :

      I definitely feel like the old adage “fake it til you make it” applies here. 🙂 Autumn is THAT good.

      Thanks so much for stopping by

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