The Show: Monday Motivation #32

I’ve spent the past 2 Saturdays in the company of young actors (as my son has been accepted into the Rainbow Company, a very well-known and respected youth acting troupe). I watched the kids and young adults interact, even watching some of them audition.

It brought to mind the way we so often act in our lives – not act as in behave but act as in how we cast ourselves in a specific role and then  work to fill it – even if it means learning scripts and becoming something that isn’t quite genuine.

Momma taught us about being polite, cordial, and proper; I think that certainly those things have a place in new relationships as we get to know someone.

But where does that “cordial me” break away and  my authentic self get revealed? When can I stop being “appropriate” and start being all of my authentic self?  If life were an equalizer, when can I begin to adjust the treble and drop the bass to reveal more of my true self?

Adjust the treble and drop the fake, just be yourself

Adjust the treble and drop the fake, just be yourself

Sitting there watching these kids interact, I was delighted and amazed to see them willing to be their authentic selves within minutes of meeting each other.  I thought “oh, to be young again;” and then I realized what I was thinking about: I wanted to be young again so that I could trust like that – so that I could be my authentic self with others and not worry so much about their acceptance.

Good news!

I need not be young to have those qualities.  I only need to be deliberate.  It reminds me of the time my bestie laughed herself silly and razzed me saying “dance, Monkey, dance” when the boss wouldn’t allow anyone else to brief all the big wigs that came to our base in Iraq.

When the lights are on, I sure do know how to play the part of entertainer…

But when is it my time to be just me?  When do the stage lights come down so the actress can become the woman again?

When do the lights come down so the actor can become the person again?

When do the lights come down so the actor can become the person again?

I’m thinking about that as I press into my son’s first week in high school.  I wonder how many days the freshmen will spend getting their “shine on” and when they will feel at home simply being themselves.

This Monday’s motivation comes with a ticket, a ticket to authenticity. It’s a great show, playing every night – and there are no bad seats in the entire house! I hope you will join me there. 🙂

Ticket to Authenticity

Ticket to Authenticity

What gives you “stage fright” in social situations? Please comment below in answer to that question or any other thoughts and feelings about “acting” versus “keeping it real.”

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4 responses to “The Show: Monday Motivation #32”

  1. misssrobin says :

    What a great reminder to be our true selves. I love that you found the lesson in your son’s experience. Way to pay attention!

    I think allowing our true selves to shine often has a lot to do with how our true selves have been received in the past. It can take a lifetime to be authentic with someone after they have rejected our true self with harshness. Many things to think about. Thank you.

    • Exalted Peacock says :

      Miss Robin –

      Your blog post this weekend about struggling with what you are justified to feel really helped inspire me to write about this topic this week. Between watching the kids at auditions and reading about your feelings, I felt inspired to write about being authentic. Your thoughts on being stressed out about your own very real and serious life issues and then feeling guilty or somehow second guessing how valid your feelings were because your friend was going thru something even worse — man that really hit home.

      I have definitely experienced that in life. I can how devastated I was when my husband and I split – money was scarce and I was new to single parenting my daughter who was 3 at the time; it really stressed me out worse than I had expected when we first split. Then I had a friend who didn’t who up to work one day because she was being questioned in the death of her husband who regularly beat her. Suddenly my stress seemed irrelevant – I felt terrible for not being there for her, for not seeing the warning signs, for letting that happen to her. But the truth is, I was barely keeping my head above water myself – and my feelings were valid based on my own experiences.

      Here is one thing that I definitely have learned and that I incorporate into my life daily now: appreciate what you have. Daily, I spend time thinking about all that I have to be grateful for. Even when there are stresses in my life, I think about the non-stressors and I appreciate those. Sometimes, being grateful for something as simple as having time to blog really helps me think about what a wonderful life I lead (I recognize in those moments that there are people without internet, people without computers, people without electricity … and I have all of those things in abundance). If you have a daughter, appreciating her all the more is a great way to feel less stressed about your friend losing her daughter.

      Thank you so much for your blog and for stopping by here to comment. I appreciate you today 😀

  2. Stephanie @ From the Burbs to the Boonies says :

    It’s funny but I feel more like the real me now than I did when I was younger. I worry less about what others think than I used to. My motivation and drive comes (hopefully most of the time) from my faith, a desire to protect my son, from a real-ness inside I didn’t know when I was young. I may have been more open back then, but I feel more real now 🙂

    • Exalted Peacock says :

      Stephanie –
      I feel the same way: the older I get, the more my priorities are in perspective.

      There are more important things in life than what other people think of me. I think RuPaul says “What other people think of me is none of my business” – I love that quote.

      I’m not sure if it’s age, kids, life experience or what, but I will say that it gets easier with time. Still, I think insecurity maybe makes me have to remain vigilant for those times when I just want to be “a pleaser.”

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

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