Philharmonic Friday: Dogs Days Are Over

This song fits so perfectly today.


My son starts school on Monday (1st day of high school even), effectively truncating any final remnants of what August brings to the summer season.

Officially Summer break is over – whether the solstice agrees or not.


And what better way to end the summer than a rousing beat that gets you moving?

And those horses…

The horses are coming ... you better run ...

The horses are coming … you better run …

Man, if you’ve ever heard a herd of horses running in your direction, the entire earth rumbles and your adrenaline pumps and (in my case) a smile involuntarily splits your face open.

I love this song for its strong percussive sound and lyrics that you can belt out with the windows down!

But this song fits even better than that – I mean really what do summer’s dog days have to do with self love?


There are many interpretations of the song, but one concept runs true through most of them is the idea of leaving a darker time or space behind and running toward a happier future supported by family.

I like “leave all your love and your longing behind you” because to me, it says look ahead – not back … press on toward your future instead of allowing the past to interfere.

It has often been said that “this too shall pass” – and that goes for both good things and bad things. Time doesn’t stop and neither do life’s developments.  So I say…

The dog days are over now the dog days are done the horses are coming So you better run …

Yep – another one I’ll be belting that out all day 😀

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2 responses to “Philharmonic Friday: Dogs Days Are Over”

  1. Regina Partain says :

    Hi Heather I loved the sound of that. I found the lyrics interesting, but loved your perception of their meaning. I can see how that could be true. Thanks for sharing.

    • Exalted Peacock says :

      Regina, thanks so much for stopping by …I hope Florence and I helped brighten your Friday a bit.

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