Introducing Hump Day Happiness

Welcome to a new Blog post addition here at Exalted Peacock!

I’ve decided that you can’t have too much of a good thing and this new addition is definitely a GOOD thing  🙂

So many times we hit Wednesday and wonder why Friday isn’t here yet – surely the week can’t be passing THIS slowly… and yet – here we sit, like a bump on a log on a random Wednesday.

No More!

Starting today, I’m introducing things that will make your Hump Day something to look forward to.  I’ve decided to use Wednesday for all different varieties of happiness and joy as follows:

Which Wednesday  Theme  What to look for
 1st Hugs You’ve made it to a knew month and I am glad you’re here; you deserve a hug
2nd Happiness We’re moving thru the month and I’ve found a little something to keep us charged up: a video of something that will make you laugh or smile or feel warm and squishy inside
3rd Holiday The month has been dragging along and it feels never ending – time for a break in a paradise far from here; I will give you a word-less photo to take you mind off things and transport you to where joy waits
4th Hacks Hurray – you’re nearly done with this month!  This week, I will give you a positive set of ideas or life “hacks”for something that might be nice to implement next month that will help keep your mind, body, spirit, and self-esteem fully charged
5th Dealers Choice This one is so rare that it will require special handling.  When it happens, I will work to make it something extra special


Turns out that, since I am starting on a random Wednesday, we are jumping right in with a vacation — and don’cha just love starting something off by taking a break!?!  I know I do.


Cool down with your feet in the river & listen to the birds and the water

Cool down with your feet in the river & listen to the birds and the water

 Image Source: here

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4 responses to “Introducing Hump Day Happiness”

  1. misssrobin says :

    What a glorious photo! I can almost smell the water. Thanks for the vacation. I needed it.

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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