School’s In: Monday Motivation #31

Summer is coming to a close

And maybe you’re like me, thinking about all the things that are ending:

  • No more sleeping in
  • No more time for water parks, theme parks, nature parks, and other family activities that draw us away from home
  • No more dips in the pools, picnics in the park, lazy days lounging and sipping lemonade

And maybe you’re looking ahead and see that we’re back to: 

  • Homework not done, poorly done, postponed, ripped, forgotten
  • Disgruntled children moaning and groaning because the sun rose to early, because they hate school, because they can’t find their home work, because … you get the idea…
  • Mom’s taxi service to this activity or that is back in full swing no matter how tired you are of pulling in and out of that driveway
  • Dinner’s rushed, kisses and hugs hurriedly exchanged between activities or responsibilities … hectic, hectic, hectic

And even if you don’t have kids, summer is still coming to a close and before you know it, Autumn will come blustering in with a flurry of leaves and grey skies.

And that’s exactly how it feels; we feel blanketed in the doldrums of the past season’s end and we gird ourselves to stand strong and handle impending … … … insert your list of stresses here.  UGH.

I really think we spend:

  • too much time looking back in bittersweet reminiscence and
  • too much time looking forward with a sense of dread

… particularly at this time of year.

Instead, I propose

…that today is the perfect time, instead to consider how far you’ve come and what wonderful memories you made – as a person, as a family, in any one of the many hats you wear.

Great Summer Memories

Great Summer Memories

In the past three months, I’ve:

  • Seen my grandbaby born and watched her grow dramatically (I’d forgotten how fast newborns become a full-fledged BABY)
  • Visited my bestie in Cali
  • Taken a college class with my daughter for the first time ever
  • Road-tripped to Cali with my son to see: the Pacific Coast Highway, Big Sur, Cannery Row, and San Francisco
  • Gone to some of the best Farmer’s Markets this side of the Mississippi
  • Spent hours competing in friendly water challenges with my son
  • Taken classes on blogging and novel writing and web site development
  • Dashed home in the middle of a rainstorm
  • Spent time with friends eating, talking, going to shows, writing, or learning about writing from one another.

But enough about me.

What about you? How was your summer?

As a kid, I can remember getting back to school and seeing all my friends again.  They’d always ask, “How was your summer?” And, “what did you do all summer?”

As adults, why do we stop that?

I think every season should come with a highlight reel; a recap of all the best stuff – the things that still make you smile or laugh.

What’s on your highlight reel?  So tell me the happiest, the funniest, the most poignant, the hottest, the silliest, the most-family-oriented … anything … just tell me

How was your summer?


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5 responses to “School’s In: Monday Motivation #31”

  1. Christene Houston says :

    Highlights of summer are the best! I always think of the new season with happy anticipation of the fun things to come. Our highlights include:
    Finding out we’re having A BOY!
    Spending hours at Wet N Wild
    Road Tripping to AZ to visit a dear friend and her Book Club
    Late night texting with my sweet sis who is also pregnant
    Super cleaning to prep for the new school year and a baby
    Making the softest baby quilt ever for my new boy
    Researching my latest book (a regency romance!) and writing some really great chapters!

    There are so many great memories! I’ve loved summer and I know fall is going to be amazing! Thanks for letting us share our favorites!

    • Exalted Peacock says :

      Christene, thank you so much for sharing your happy summer memories. So many blessings and such good news. It makes my day to read it

  2. Maryann Gates says :

    I love this idea! My summer was really good. We went swimming, my oldest daughter turned 8, we planted a garden, went to the park, had play dates with friends, and went camping. I do miss the laziness of summer, and getting back into a routine with the kids and now working more since both are in school was bogging me down. I am sure once we get into a nice pattern, things will be much smoother and easier going.

    • Exalted Peacock says :

      Maryann ,

      Thanks so much for sharing! It’s lovely to see what others do and how much we all have in common; you and I both let swimming highlight our summers and I simply LOVE camping.

      I also love that you planted a garden (and I’m a little jealous) – I’m hoping to plant one next spring, tomatoes…fresh and vine ripened are impossible to find in Vegas and it’s frustrating…thanks for that little reminder…it will help keep my plan on track 😉

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