Philharmonic Friday: Love Love Love

A persistent self serenade

What an amazing groove!  This song feels like a couch. A couch with coffee set to the side and a good book in hand. And maybe a fire crackling near my feet – depending on the weather.

It’s so comfortable  🙂

Even better, it is a song that I want to sing to myself – something that helps me to keep myself in a positive self talk space where I love myself and my unique flaws and idiosyncrasies.

What better feeling is there?

This life is a beautiful one….  (I am dancing and twisting my hips and holding my brush like it’s a microphone – in a pinch, it is. Isn’t it?)

Keep your head up … Keep it on the Up and up cuz…

“You got all my love”

That little line is my favorite part.  And giving love to myself is just one of the good things that comes from singing this song.

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Finding cool new things each day to love about me & those around me. Everyone is peacock beautiful. Celebrate it!

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