Marinate In Self Love Instead of Wallowing in Self Loathing: a Podcast

It happened on a random Thursday…

This afternoon, on a random Thursday in August, I became overwhelmed …

Overwhelmed with JOY and hopefulness and self love.

I recognized it about an hour or two ago and then I sat on my couch and I thought about why I felt so euphoric and joyous.

And then it hit me…

I do this regularly … except in the other direction.

Isn’t it funny how we spend time wallowing in our disgust and disappointment?  When I am unhappy or even unmotivated, I spend time thinking about it and mulling over all the reasons why and all the things that are wrong and … basically, I pout and sink deeper into the situation.

But today – doing it this other way, how amazingly decadent.

Marinating is Far Better than Wallowing

Inasmuch as I can amplify my doldrums by wallowing, I can reverberate my joy using the same basic concept.

But, seriously – who could call that wallowing?  It’s lovely and warm … like soaking in a hot tub after a long day — I am “steeping” in the lovely thing that is my life.

Join me… in podcast joy or in your own mental spaces …   🙂

I love hearing from you. What are you joyful about today? Have you ever wallowed in a negative space? How about marinated in the positive? What do you do to extend the joy? Or to shorten the doldrums?
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