Philharmonic Friday: In This Skin

I Am Worthy

This song is such an uplifting message for when I feel all bloaty and puffy.  Sometimes I feel like I am not meeting “the” expectation of what bodies are supposed to look like.

I love my eyes.  My hair is something I’d covet if it belonged to someone else.

But these curves?  My dress size?  Sometimes I struggle with these and wonder if others are pointing and laughing inside.

Negative body image is such a self-esteem deflator. And why?  Honestly, I am the woman who lives in this skin — but I am not defined by one lump, bump, or curve.

My worth is in ALL of me.  And I am beautiful in this skin…

When I doubt it, I play this song by Jessica Simpson and I sing along at the top of my lungs.

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Finding cool new things each day to love about me & those around me. Everyone is peacock beautiful. Celebrate it!

3 responses to “Philharmonic Friday: In This Skin”

  1. C. Lee Reed says :

    You are absolutely beautiful. I hadn’t heard this song but I like it. Will keep it in my pocket for those days when I’m filled with ugh! Thanks for sharing.

    • Exalted Peacock says :

      Thanks so much for stopping by. This song is precisely for those says. I really hope it comes in handy…even when it isn’t one of those days. Check back any time for new songs and posts that make you feel good. 🙂

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