Philharmonic Friday: Beneath Your Beautiful

Reveal your inner peacock!

This song has been slowly rising on the charts for months and I am glad.

Every single time I hear it, I am reminded of the hologram of ourselves that we hold out for others to see.  So many of us have a cardboard cut-out of a person that we think is a publicly palatable version of ourselves.

I used to have this person.  It wasn’t a “fake” me, but it was a series of carefully selected authentic pieces of me that I sanitized for public consumption.  The parts of me that made me feel the most vulnerable, I kept behind closed sealed vault doors.  It was the antithesis of living Arms Wide Open and over time, I came to realize that even when people did like me, I was disappointed that I couldn’t show them all of me for fear they’d stop liking me.  😦

Listening to this song, I can completely relate to

  • The fear of vulnerability (“You’ve built your walls so high…” – “Behind your Broadway Show I heard a boy say ‘please don’t hurt me'”)
  • The desire to get beyond the hologram (“Let me see beneath your beautiful?…. … beneath your perfect?”)

It is like having my own anthem that reminds me to live authentically, remove my armor, remove that cardboard cutout, erase the hologram.

Take it off now, girl. Take it off now, girl … 

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One response to “Philharmonic Friday: Beneath Your Beautiful”

  1. Crystina says :

    I loved this article! This spoke towards everything I keep trying to remind myself. I need to be real with the people around me. Thank you for the song. It’s going into my iTunes tomorrow so I can listen to it when I need to remind myself that being real is what’s best.

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