Self-talk Equals Self-esteem: Podcast #3

Today started with a quick pop over to Amazon to see if there were any new reviews.

There was one.

My day didn’t start well.

And my inner Negative Nelly took the wheel and starting driving me toward a pitiful self-doubt day.

Self Talk Matters

When a day starts with a kick to the gut (or turns that way), how do you stop it from sontinuing to have a ripple effect on your day and your self esteem?


This podacst talks about getting out of that spiral. And the day improved from there …

By the time dinner was over, I found a post that said JK Rowling’s Casual Vacancy topped the GoodReads “Abandoned Books” List.  She’s an amazing author!  And yet, even her books occasionally get a kick.

I am so glad that I didn’t allow Negative Nelly to drive today into a downward self-esteem death spiral  😀


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