Enjoy the Journey – Monday Motivation #23

Enjoy the journey

This Monday, I am visiting my bestie and enjoying the change of scenery.  It is so beautiful here: the sun peeks through the clouds but temperatures are mild even when the breeze doesn’t blow.  Heat has a scent, one that I’ve become accustomed to in Las Vegas; the stifling temperatures infuse the air with the smell of  … well … heat.  And I’ve only become aware of it just now as I sit here in California because I smell so many other things: trees, grass and morning dew, the smell of leaves and dirt as I passed crops growing along the highway, the sweet juicy burst of strawberries truly ripened before being plucked.

Living in Vegas, I miss all of this.

Lao Tzu once said: 

A good traveler has no fixed plans & is not intent on arriving

I feel like that when I focus on my retirement.  I can relate to Lao Tzu when I focus on all the possibilities that opened up to me because I chose to retire. Thinking about being retired, I can see the freedom to drift about from one interest to the next, one place to the next, one role to the next.  In my head, it’s all beautiful and lovely; in my head, life is a series of loosely strung carefree moments.

This morning, I woke up living that feeling.

I woke up joyously pondering all the possibilities of a life lived by my own design.

Ironic that I’ve been retired a month and the ability to live the feeling is only just hitting me.

Thinking about something, thinking about how it will feel, thinking about how you think it feels is NOTHING as compared to living a thing.

Today, I can do whatever I want.  And tomorrow too! I loosely plan to go home on Tuesday, but really – I don’t have to.

I feel free from responsibility.  And in that freedom, hides another one: the freedom to be open to all that surrounds me without being pulled forward to the next thing that needs addressed or back to the last thing I might’ve done better.

This morning as I stepped outside and breathed in the dew-kissed morning air, I felt it revive my lungs and my spirit.  A cat greeted me and a bird chirrupped a warning reply.  I didn’t hurry along to the next thing, I stopped and watched.  No rush at all.  No concern for the next thing.  And now, as I revel in the succulent taste of vine-ripened tomatoes, I appreciate that I’m here and that I drove more than 400 miles for this taste.

I appreciate living in the moment …not letting other thoughts leech into these ones.

I feel more open and available when I think and act like this and I feel less stressed.

Ahhhhhh – hurray for enjoying the journey!

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2 responses to “Enjoy the Journey – Monday Motivation #23”

  1. Honeybee @ Her Weight Loss Diary says :

    I feel sense of freedom when reading this. Enjoy your retirement and all the best.


  2. JDaniel4's Mom says :

    Really living it does give you the real experience.

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