Know Your Worth – Monday Motivation #22

How much is a person worth?


How many dollar bills can you say that a person is worth?

People try to figure it out, y’know.  In cases of wrongful death and so forth.  They try to use algorithms. Family health history, life expectancy, education levels, potential earnings, family situation (spouse? Kids?  Does the spouse work?). Crunch the numbers and voila! Out comes a dollar value.

It’s all very scientific.

I wonder how much I am worth.

Not in terms of my “net worth” or my home’s value, but in actual total life earnings and so forth.  If this was the Game of Life and I was at the retirement estate at the end counting up all my chips, how much will I have been worth?

Can we count my future plans too?  Because the fantasy series we’re writing will likely make me a millionaire.  And can I collect life tokens for all the traveling I plan on doing? And all the life experiences I hope to still have?

It’s really an awkward and bizarre way of thinking.  But it’s tangible.  It’s rock solid.  It’s grounded in physically measurable ways (well maybe not those life tokens).

But …

Dollar bills don’t actually define me

So how about if I use the MasterCard marketing example and just say that human life is “Priceless?”

“I am priceless.”



Warm and sweet but …

So cliché as to be annoying at this point.

Since when is emotional investment in something so easily summed up in a single word?  Since a decade ago when MasterCard said so (gotta love capitalism).

Still …

I do want emotional investment…

I want to be valuable enough… for someone (preferably someoneS plural) to invest in me on a deeper emotional level.

Valuable enough…  Value…   And so we’re back to worth.

So then,

What AM I worth?

I am worth love.  I know that.

So today I asked all of you out there in facebook land to help me define that.

Together, we determined that I am worth:

  • Loving + Respecting + Sharing + Supporting + Championing + Accompanying + Trusting + Understanding +Belonging


  • Appreciation + Compassion + Affection + Conversation + Consideration + Attention + Exaltation

And if I am already worth those things, then I shouldn’t settle for less than that, right?


So that is my price.  That and more!

And it isn’t negotiable.  I won’t lower my value in order to get any of those (Bob Marley comes to mind here).

I won’t beg and plead, won’t barter nor attempt to earn what is already rightfully mine.

If you put a really small value on yourself, rest assured, the world will not raise the price

If you put a really small value on yourself, rest assured, the world will not raise the price

If you put a really small value on yourself, rest assured, the world will not raise the price

So many of you answered my facebook post about this specific blog and I thank you!  There were a ton of other answers too: forgiveness, admiration, patience, moral support, smiles, unconditional love …

I’m sure the list could, should, and likely will continue to grow.  Please comment below on what else signifies love to you.

In the end, this list is only the beginning of what YOU and I are worth.

And we are worth this even to ourselves.  We deserve the love and care and attentiveness that we are willing to shower upon our loved ones.  We ARE one of our loved ones!

Don’t ever put yourself up for sale or on the shelves at a discount.

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One response to “Know Your Worth – Monday Motivation #22”

  1. manoir says :

    In life, things that have the most value are those that have no price.

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