Never Too Hard To Give – Guest Post

Today’s guest blogger is Jacob Kelley, a warm, loyal, and optimistic man with an amazingly bright future.   

Never too hard to give

Sometimes, in places such as this, it seems as though the stars are not the only thing missing from the sky but also the angels.

While we all strive to be happy and lift ourselves up, we forget sometimes to lift others as well. We walk around and use the excuse that “we’re only human” or “dreams are for fools and children” so that we can rationalize our loss of hope and wonder. 

I wish on the brightest star that I can to make a promise as everlasting as the heavens, be they lit or dark, I will be a dreamer and realize such wonder that accompanies them. We have years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds ahead of us. We get so many of each that we forget to cherish the most sacred units of time…moments.

I won’t be afraid because in this moment, I’ll appreciate every moment to come.  Hope. Love. Dreams. To care for a world that’s hurting.  Not because the world is becoming stupid and we must clean the mess…but because it’s the right thing to do, and because…

love is never too hard to give. ♥


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