Something to Crow About – Monday Motivation #18

Yep, you read that right … I’ve got something to crow about!  I’ve decided to unveil my voice and my thoughts occasionally via podcast — or perhaps we should just call it what it is: a verbal ranting of sorts.  🙂

The Onus to Action

I relistened to Goethe Says Goeth and I literally felt myself cringing as the audio recording droned on.small_peacock

Oh my LORD, what must these people think of me??  And how can I blame them?!?!

Laughing as I pulled onto the highway and headed up to work, I thought, surely I have to do something about that.

And so was birthed PodCast #1 as I began to attempt to reconcile my error in public image.  (You may be thinking “what public?”  And if you are, you may be right in thinking that there are not masses reading my blog at the moment … but the ones who do, you guys reading these words … you matter to me and if even one of you thinks that I am that bird that scratched her silly huffy grama voice through “Goethe Says Goeth” then surely something must be done to fix that)

So I decided to post a second audio – a corrective one – something that introduces me to you.  The real me.  The one that doesn’t sound stodgy and stuffy.

And I launched the PodCast webpage as well – the place where all PodCasts will live as their own series of posts.  Look For them on my NEW PodCast Page

As the Cock Crows

So I decided to try my hand at mixing in an audio post sometimes … when I have something to crow about or good news to share.  And it turns out this week … I’ve got that in spades.

So without further ado, I give you PodCast #2: Cornerstones of Joy


The most overwhelmingly joyous week EVER!!  Motivation Monday #18 is the most succulent French Dip Sandwich  🙂  A perfect time to reflect on YOUR cornerstones of Joy.

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