Goethe Says Goeth – Monday Motivation #17

This week as spring wanes and summer’s first indications come into view (in Las Vegas anyway), I reflect on what spring represents to me.

Through spring’s months, I’m joyous. There is a new beginning, a fresh start.

If each year were a lifetime, then spring represents our schooling years of life.

At this time of year/life, we have come away from the newborn, barren, cold ignorance of winter’s waning months and blossomed into the flowers and greenery that represent spring’s full essence.

In December of last year and January of 2013, I asked myself: “What will 2013 hold? And what will it portend in terms of the remainder of my life?”

And now, as I feel the first third of the year dovetailing into its middle, I realize that 2013 has caught its stride and  I’m assessing: “how is that going?”

We do the same thing in our lives around this time as well…

  • More school? Career? Romance?
  • Should I pursue that dream job or the lucrative career that beckons?
  • Will I go to grad school?
  • What of children and love and marriage?

All of these are choices that we are faced with in the first third of our life.

We are on the cusp of something new.  A major life crossroads that will help define the rest of our lives.

And we are acutely aware of it.

Here, at the close of April and looking forward to May, there is optimism and the same joyous foreboding.  We look forward to summer and to vacation.  We think about how perfect that new swimsuit will look poolside.  We ponder how we can best take advantage of the amazing weather that’s coming up.

And so …

here I sit…

one-third of the way into 2013.

And I’m optimistic.

Sitting on the cusp of the next big thing … armed with the past four months of anticipation and “education.”  (And maybe the last forty years too).

I feel like I’m on a high dive platform.

I’m sitting on the edge of the platform, legs dangling as I peer over the edge with my heart punching the back of my sternum (I’m deathly afraid of heights so those extra five feet nine inches would surely do me in … so I sit … and I try to breathe).

And then I scoot…just one inch at a time…until my butt cheeks are precariously perched, my pelvic bones the only thing saving me from the plunge … barely balanced on the squared off concrete edge.

Deep breath.

Lean forward and give one final scoot…

Go for itSilence.



Belly in throat.

Heart stopped.

Hold my nose.



I’m onto the next thing.

Let this summer be your next thing.

Charge forward toward the thing that you want the most.

The thing that flip flops your belly

That flutters your heart.

Yeah – THAT thing.

Goethe said it best:

Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.

Your heart flutters and belly flip flops for a reason …

This is the bungee jump of life … the high dive … or maybe the sky dive.


It’s worth every petrifying minute.

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If the audio file at the top does not work, you can listen here: GoetheSays


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