Peter Pan: Wise? or April Fool? Monday Motivation #14

I went to Washington DC on vacation with my son last week.  We went to see spring in the Nation’s Capitol…and to see cherry blossoms in bloom.  When we arrived, the weather took a turn for the worse: it snowed and rained for the first two days we were there.

In case it wasn’t already clear, I’m a resident of Las Vegas – the warm, dry, desert “Sin City” of the southwest.  We seldom see snow and when we do, it is a dry flurry that doesn’t stick.

We left Vegas in the seventies and arrived to DC in the forties (F).

We were cold.

And materially ill prepared: our “heavy coats” were sweatshirt hoodies.

How apropos then that I blog about this trip on April Fool’s Day, right?  How silly of me to think that it wouldn’t still be miserably cold in March in DC?

And yet… we had a blast!

We came prepared…   with the right attitude.

It’s the same as having wings…

Our experience brings to mind Peter Pan: my favorite song from the movie, the one I sing when I am feeling 

Peter Pan“Think of the happiest things.  It’s the same as having wings.”

We went to DC prepared to have a great time.  I rented a condo right on the National Mall and we planned out events interspersed with plenty of free-time to either do additional activities or to sleep-in/go home early.  It was “the perfect balance” even before we left Las Vegas.

We arrived in DC happy and wide-eyed.  We were ready for a good time and waking up on day one to find a light dusting of snow wasn’t going to dampen our spirits.

In fact, we took rare photos of the White House with snow on the lawn!  How many people can say that?

All’s well that ends well…        

The weather improved during our stay (though the Cherry Blossoms never popped and I don’t think we saw even a hint of spring).  We did see the sights we wanted to see and even relaxed and slept-in a couple times.

Our legs ached, our feet complained, but still we continued to enjoy our time there.


It’s that simple.

My best friend and I used to make jokes about holding tight to that very important “P,” but it’s so true!  Every single thing in your life is a matter of perspective.

  • Every struggle.
  • The journey toward your goals.
  • The work you put in toward parenting, marriage, promotion, your own health …

They could all be seen as toils/chores OR as joyous things we choose to do along our life’s journey.

The same is true for your self-image. 

How do you see yourself?  And what makes it so?

The truth is that ONLY YOU decide your self-image.

You define your own self-image.

Self-image is literally strictly between you and yourself.  🙂

Yes, you sometimes fight echoes of negative talk from parents, peers, bullies, ex-lovers and so on; but the impact those things have on you is quite simply yours to own.

I could see a peacock as an ugly bird – and lord knows their call is a sound for the ages – not soon forgotten.

But I don’t.

I see them as beautiful and amazing, powerful and meaningful.

And I choose to see myself that same way.

As I touch down in Las Vegas again, I am refreshed with the possibilities of the future and with what a cool life this Exalted Peacock is living!

Exalted Peacock Logo

What are some things about yourself or your life that give you reason to smile?  What are some of your “happiest thoughts?”


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Finding cool new things each day to love about me & those around me. Everyone is peacock beautiful. Celebrate it!

3 responses to “Peter Pan: Wise? or April Fool? Monday Motivation #14”

  1. Grownandflown says :

    Love DC with the cherry blossoms, truly stunning.

  2. Kim says :

    Small world! I live in Vegas as well! I found you via the SITS Saturday Sharefest. How awesome is that? =)

    I hear ya about us Las Vegans not being prepared for cold weather. Anything below 60 is too cold for this gal. Haha. To answer your question, what makes me smile is being able to go out and take pics that people enjoy. Ultimately I do it for myself but it’s a real treat when others enjoy them and tell me they do. Makes me happy.

    • Exalted Peacock says :

      How neat that we live in the same city. I love sharefest for the cool blogs I get to discover 🙂

      And how you feel about pictures? That’s how I feel about writing. I think those of us who are creatively inclined really do find such joy in watching others enjoy our work.

      So let me hop on over and enjoy yours on your blog …

      thanks for stopping by 🙂

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