Playing with Spring – Monday Motivation #11

Spring in Las Vegas is windy.

Not breezy.

Not Winnie-the-Pooh style blustery.

Straight rattle-the-windows and knock-on-the-flue tempestuous.

And this past week has been the epitome of springtime in Vegas.

I was at the dog park the other day and could hardly see because the wind swirled my hair about my head in such an unmanageable way.

It reminded me of a quote from Kahlil Gibrain; a quote that I thought would be perfect for Monday Motivation:

Wind and my hair

 “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”

~Kahlil Gibrain

This week, I vow to delight in life and the stimuli that it provides.

When was the last time you delighted in the wind mussing up your hair?  Or enjoyed the coolness of dew-covered grass on the soles of your feet? What has held you back from reveling in some of life’s joys?

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5 responses to “Playing with Spring – Monday Motivation #11”

  1. Charlene says :

    Reminds me of a quote from A Walk to Remember and although I don’t remember it exactly, it goes something like this, “Love is like the wind; although you can’t see it and you can’t touch, you can feel it.”

    • Exalted Peacock says :

      Charlene, I totally agree with that quote.

      I feel the love sort of out there — hovering. It will arrive right on schedule and it will be precisely the kind of love I’m seeking. And because I’m comfortable in knowing and believing that, I can spend time on stuff like writing and trying to find the inner peacock … and exalt her. The more beauty I find within, the more worthy I feel of the love I seek.

      Besides shopping for that love that I wrote about is TIRESOME. I think I’d have to date / interview tens of thousands before I found him (LOL)

  2. Megan says :

    You inspire me so much 🙂 It’s so easy to always see the negative things in life, but rarely do we ever take the time to find clarity and positive beauty in simple things. Life becomes so busy that we often forget why we work so hard at it. This makes me think of another quote and topic: “Do you live to work or work to live?” Most people I ask cannot answer it confidently. I can’t even remember the last time I enjoyed something simple. Thanks for reminding me I should fix that though 🙂

    • Exalted Peacock says :

      The point to the blog was that I see negative sometimes too. I am struck with the same conundrum and it has driven me to be estranged from my own father for more than a decade now.

      And as a mother, I can see similar struggles in my relationships with my children.
      My children know that I love them unconditionally and eternally yet they are both deathly afraid of disappointing me. Conversely, I want the best for them but feel compelled nose-into their life choices and mother them even when the decisions in question should be their own.


    • Exalted Peacock says :

      I am as guilty as the next guy in trying to remember the positive. I take deliberate action to help me find my way toward the positive: I intentionally seek positive things, reasons to laugh, reasons to smile and so on; I remind myself that it isn’t as serious as it feels.
      And speaking of feelings, I assess my emotions and try to decide if they are off-the-charts or justified; even if they are justified, I can still jokingly, sarcastically or cynically find the humor in the event in a way that takes the edge of (just watch me when American news channels are playing at work one day … the sarcasm and cycnicism approaches will become evident rather quickly – lol).

      Being positive is not always easy to do and often I fail — but I vow to try — and that is definintely a place where i find success.

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