Embracing Myself – Guest Blog

The below post is a guest blog from Jacob Kelley, a brilliant young man who should definitely have a blog of his own.  His writing far exceeds the little snippet he has provided here.  Look for other creative writing posts from him here on this blog when I am able to wrest them from his shy hands.   

Embracing Myself 

In your blog, you spoke of self love and hugging your inner child.

I recently spoke to my mother about this very topic, trying to understand how the effects of the world around us trigger our most subdued pains of the past. She told me that in order to be able to accept the world for what it is, I must first not only accept myself as a separate and ever changing light, but love that I am so.

file000494010344_watermarkedMAIN500X327The mere fact that this puzzled me only solidified my surety that a hug was needed.

I thought that it would be hard to go back to my inner child, to go back that far. It turns out that as soon as I started looking, my inner child was in the spotlight with open arms.

I had suppressed him, I had neglected him just as my father had, I had been afraid.

Once I realized my unwillingness to admit that my biggest fault is always recognizing and dwelling on the fact that I have faults, I ran toward my revitalization, my freedom, my happiness. I embraced the love that I was so unwilling to accept for all these years and embraced my faults as that of what makes me uniquely human.

A warmth encompassed me and I open my eyes to a world where it was OK to be afraid. Though I am a bear in a mans world, I felt in that moment that each piece of me inside and out, is that of a beautiful peacock’s feathers.

We should all strive to free ourselves, especially when we are the ones keeping ourselves captive. From a small mantra in the morning to a admiring look in the mirror at night, I tell myself that I am exactly what I’m meant to be….me.

I love me, and there’s no reason for everyone not to.


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