Transform Enemies to Friends – Motivation Monday #4

Today is a day to remember

It has been 30 years since President Ronald Reagan signed into law the federal holiday commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He was an amazing, powerful person, clergyman, citizen, Nobel peace prize recipient, husband, father, man … role model.

He deserves this day

He once said 


As I looked at this quote,

I thought of enemies…

we have so many, whether real or perceived

At this time in history,

  • living in a nation still embroiled in the global war on terror (the events in Algeria this past week have helped us to remember that),
  • recuperating from the Sandy Hook school massacre – yet another devastating school shooting (lest we forget Columbine, Virginia Tech, and so many others)
  • and engaging in heated political discussion over gun control (to protect us from our neighborhood enemies…?)

We are reminded daily of our “enemies.”

But what if …

The enemy is yourself?

What if the enemy is my own internal voice that beats and batters and runs roughshod over my soul?

What of that voice that reminds me in tiny internal whispers that

  • I am not good enough?
  • I don’t measure up?
  • I am unimportant (or less important than others)?

I count that person as an enemy

I count that person as someone who needs to be dealt with

I have a gun for that person

It’s the daily machine gun of affirmation

and deliberate self-talk reminders that say:

  • I am loveable,
  • I am worthy,
  • I am beautiful

And I back those affirmations up with facts:

Facts in the form of feathers.

In introspection, I find beautiful things about myself and I tuck those characteristics into my plumage:

I am

The list is long –

But not as long as it should be

My enemy is one determined, stubborn pit bull bitch.

She’ll need a list so long it needs a scroll to contain it.

That’s what will defeat her…

So today,

On a macro scale, I am grateful for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr for all that he did for the Civil Rights Movement and for this country

And on a micro-scale, I am grateful for this one quote that stands as a reminder that:

Only love can quiet the tenacious barking pit bull inside me.

I do not have to be as outstanding as he was

…in order to be worthy of love and praise and recognition.

From millions? Probably not

But really the number need only be one:


Work on loving yourself, today and every day

Turn what may be your biggest and most powerful enemy

into friend …

with love.


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About ExaltedPeacock

Finding cool new things each day to love about me & those around me. Everyone is peacock beautiful. Celebrate it!

3 responses to “Transform Enemies to Friends – Motivation Monday #4”

  1. Nuri says :

    Wow! That was beyond clever! What do you do when your enemy is yourself! What a provoking question! I feel that that enemy is worse and more dangerous than any other outside person because it can destroy you the most! You can’t
    Get away from it, because it’s constantly inside of your head! Lovely intertwining of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day and this topic!!

  2. Charlene says :

    Love it.

  3. Luis says :

    I think this website contains some real superb information for everyone. “There is nothing so disagreeable, that a patient mind cannot find some solace for it.” by Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

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