Adjust the Action Steps – Motivation Monday #3

So today I sat down to blog (Motivation Monday is calling).


  • I usually start from a cool quote.
  • Then I move forward to make a graphic (it helps me concentrate on the quote I’ve chosen, feel the sentiment of the message, and study the intent behind the words).
  • This process effectively works its way into the written blog itself
  • In fact, after writing the blog, I spend more time doodling with fonts and making it visually appealing than I did scratching the words themselves.

VOILA blog.

That’s “usually.”



I sat here much of the day … left-brain caged me

(at least I’m blaming the left brain, else it would have to be my fault).

  • I did the checkbook.
  • Cleaned the website up a bit.
  • Applied for a couple jobs in Europe Still Dreaming (deliciously dreaming and hoping to be inspired).
  • Cleaned my office a bit (a scant bit really, but still – let’s give credit where credit is due)
  • I redid my mileage chart from last year (reconstructed from old receipts and emails since my network drive totally unexpectedly crapped out on me a few days ago — and thus far no luck in finding someone to rescue my files).  Can we blame the network drive for my failure to get creative?

Suddenly, it was dinner time.


New Tactic:

I came back into my office after spending time with my son enjoying a delectable repast (the more refined I say it, the more refined chicken nuggets are, right?).

  • Deeply inhaling and exhaling, I tried to find a path to the open free feeling I get when I write creatively.
  • I got frustrated listening to my breathing Sad.
  • My desk speakers stared at me blankly (I think they didn’t like my after-dinner halitosis).

But there was an idea:

MUSIC!  Feeling Good

Music had to be the answer.

  • It emotes.
  • It inspires.
  • It could drag me by the neural nose ring back to the right brain so I could get to work.
  • I tried classic rock. I love me some AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Steppenwolf, and so on.

But – they didn’t bring forth my inner writer.

So – do I give up and forego my Monday Motivation?
Maybe just his once…

NAY! (that was the internal shout from the right-brain rapping with a clenched fist on the door to its twin’s room).

Hex the Vex!

“Chillstep, damnit!” (I think right-brain was tired of my heavy exhales, too).

It made sense though – Chillstep did, not the issues with my breathing.  Chillstep has been a recent kick thanks to a far-away friend …

    • So, I went to Youtube and searched for “Chillstep.”
    • I have a favorite channel…
    • but tough times called for drastic measures.
    • I needed something less familiar.
    • Something not easily ignored.
    • Something stimulating.


The music began to ooze from the speakers and I opened Word for the umpteenth time today


  • Music blaring.
  • Fingers trolling the keyboard at a pace I like.
  • Feeling the ideas flow.

Wondering when we turn to self love ….

I ALWAYS turn to self love – don’t I?

Here is what I love:

  • I love Chill Step – today at least.
  • I love my office – despite the apparently haphazard cleaning.
  • I love my life – even in its unpredictability.
  • I love the freedom I have to spend my day as I wish (or as left-brain demands).

I love

… … …

… …

loving  Adore

And so I must close with a quote

…isn’t that what Motivation Monday is all about?

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” ~Confucius

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3 responses to “Adjust the Action Steps – Motivation Monday #3”

  1. Nuri says :

    Omg omg!!! I love love love the way your brain thinks! It’s really crazy though cause I can literally hear your voice when I read your writings and it makes me smile :p i love that quote! I think it’s perfect because when something seems unreachable, I am always ready to give up and be like well maybe this is not for me, never did I realize that maybe its the way that I’m approaching my goal! *thought provoking*

    • Exalted Peacock says :

      I am so glad it impacted you that way. Thought provoking (cool)….and hopefully still so openly accepting of each of our flawed selves (let’s face it, this blog its as quirky as I am). {hugz}

  2. Lanod says :

    Its as if you are able to step out of yourself and record your actions as they are happening. So much description and details that your words become images. How I wish I could write as well as you do. Being able to leave an everlasting impression with words. Thank you for that.

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