We get what we focus on

So I come home from work one day exhausted

I barely made it to the driveway, struggling not to fall asleep at the wheel.


And yet when I got home, the smell of fall enveloped me
and I couldn’t help but step out front and take a few photos.

The colors of autumn are rare in Las Vegas…

…so even if they wait til December to show themselves
and they run their parade in record speed,
stripping the trees in the span of a few short weeks

I choose to focus on the fact that I get to see the colors of fall.
I’m grateful for that.

This is my favorite season 

The smell of the leaves.
The first brisk lungs full of frigid morning air
that bring the season into your blood stream.
The promise of chills and cocoa.
Pumpkins,  fireplaces, blankets and socks.
All of it.

I love it all.

I took a few photos

— that really inspired this blog and tied the season back to self love.

I’ve placed them here side by side – nearly the same photo and yet not.

Collage side by side_marked600X300

 Just look at them for a second and maybe pick your favorite – one that speaks to your more.

As I took the photos, I am not sure what I expected – I was just living in the moment and playing around with all kinds of zoom levels and macro and so forth.

But then it dawned on me:

You get what you focus on 

You GET what you focus on.

You get what YOU focus on.

You get what you FOCUS on.

It doesn’t matter which photo you like!

In fact, depending on my mood, I may like one more today and another more tomorrow.

And I took another onewhatyoufocuson3a_marked250X333

of just the tree

looking into the promise

that looking up holds.

I love that one too.

 I love so many of them

that I’ve made a collage of all of them

– imperfect as they are –

all of them perfect and yet not so…

PicMonkey Collage2 marked600X300

They remind me of myself,

my flaws,
my imperfections,
my “texture.”

Depending upon what my own perspective is,
I can see myself as:

perfectly seasoned and wise
heinously scarred and flawed.

It reminds me to focus on the reasons there are to love myself. 

To look at myself from all my best angles.

To cherish my beautiful inner peacock and exalt her all the more.

Love is the flavor of the season –

love is the lens through which I look the best.

And I think Autumn agrees…



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About ExaltedPeacock

Finding cool new things each day to love about me & those around me. Everyone is peacock beautiful. Celebrate it!

4 responses to “We get what we focus on”

  1. Manoir says :

    Humm very nice. . I like

  2. Nuri says :

    Breathtaking photos!! Fall is my favorite as well! Very inspiring!

  3. Charlene says :

    This post speaks to my heart!

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