People in Pieces

“I’m a clown I’m a prophet I’m a porn star I’m a saint”

Someone said that to me the other day and it got me thinking.

I replied:

“We are all mosaics…but some of us refuse to acknowledge it.”

And I explained myself:

We are at once a million pieces…

Some shards of broken dreams that we still carry with us,
sharp reminders of lessons learned.

Some smooth rounded stones of our earthy natural selves.

Still others tiles,
glossed ceramic,
things we are proud of,
that we’ve put work into
that we hope people will see and appreciate

Later, I pondered:

I love me.

And all my pieces.

The smooth worn stones of genetics and basic disposition
that were my guide even before I could speak.

The tiles of accomplishment and life experience
That fill my soul with joy in their remembering.

And even the the sharp shards of life’s hard fought lessons…
the price of wisdom.
they remind me that indeed I am wise.

I decided:

I am at peace in pieces.



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7 responses to “People in Pieces”

  1. Joseph Harper says :

    First, love the picture. Redheads!

    I really love the quote that leads too; it captures quickly aspects of the personal human experience, clown, porn star, prophet, saint, that I believe every human being feels at one time or another, and at the same time elevates them to the highest possible label (it’s an ego feeding quote).

    The imagery I got from the mosaic idea veered left for me. I definitely feel like my life is built up out of all these different pieces, but in my case, the picture of who I was was shattered and lay at the base of the wall in so many pieces. Then, I stared at the wall, trying to remember what it was I was. I grabbed pieces of me and desperately tried to put the mosaic back the way it was. (here, was what I felt so many people do throughout there lives, desperately trying to put the picture back together).

    I finally gave up. I am not an art-restorian (new word – lol). I sorted all the little tiles, and then, I created a new picture on the wall. At first, not so pretty. I am not a world renowned mosaic artist. I tried again, and again. Each time, making small improvements in the picture.

    I created a new me. One I liked. I am still not finished.

    I guess that is the imagery I got, these people out there, with shattered lives, trying to put the mosaic back together the way it was. Just make a new one!!!

    P.S. I placed the porn star, prophet, clown, and saint tiles prominently in the center of my mosaic. I’m not crazy, I like to have fun.

    Your eyes look beautiful 🙂

    • ExaltedPeacock says :

      Joseph –
      The idea that you must be shattered to become the mosaic is different than the thought I intended. I wanted to stay way from the concept of being broken as a whole (though in part I can acknowledge that we are all scarred and in some ways/areas of our lives, shattered).
      If instead, you picture yourself as a newborn, simply a set of smooth stones … your genetics defining you, imovable, unbreakable – this is your baseline and cannot be erased or destroyed.
      And then over the years, you learn and grow. Some lessons come hard and painfully, such as the shattering you mentioned. {I represented those as shards}. Other lessons are ones we forge ourselves, proudly and deliberately — attending school, getting a degree, learning how to scuba, hiking Mount Everest or even cultivating a talent within like creative writing or painting. {I represented these things as glossy tiles}.

      I don’t like the thought of you casting your old self away as unsalvageable and instead beginning anew. Your basic self is still there — those stones of genetics are within you, whether you acknowledge them or not — those scars and pains of gut-wrenching sorrow still exist … they are in your mosaic even if you tried to grout over them and replace them with something newer.
      (deep breath) — And here’s the funny thing: I think people still see them hiding there underneath – I think we cannot hide ourselves from others … we can only show them that we WANT to hide and make them wonder what’s behind our facade….

      • Joseph Harper says :

        I did not mean to imply that we were shattered into the pieces. But that often the picture of who we are is altered some how and we are sometimes stuck trying to get back to the old picture. It was the thought of taking all that i am, the many different pieces, and creating a new me that I liked.

        I am a believer that people can change. 🙂

  2. Jac says :

    First I am dedicated enough to type this on my 2 x 3 inch phone keyboard…when I thought of the tiles, I too thought of a base set of in changing tiles first. As we move through life we add some, lose some, move some around, cover some up etc. When we step back from our busy lives and really dig deep it’s almost like peeling the forged painting off of the true treasure, the rare, exquisite, priceless painting beneath it, the original. Although it might be scarred, smudged, faded and tattered it is perfection as it was intended.

  3. Nuri says :

    I really love the picture!! How did you do it?!? I really liked the “some smooth rounded stones of our earthly natural selves! That really sat with me!!

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