Oktoberfest on Aisle 13

Oktoberfest on Aisle 13

Oktoberfest on Aisle 13

I went shopping last night – picking up a few groceries to get through the rest of the week – and I stumbled upon a scene that immediately took me to Oktoberfest.

In America, the majority of us aren’t the kind of beer connoisseurs that might get excited about a display like that.  I fall into the sliver of people whose heart leapt a little at the sight and who spent a good ten minutes perusing the titles and types of beer and ale represented there.

As I stood in front of the beer case on Aisle 13 last night, the chilled air wafting over my arms and thighs, I was reminded of the Autumn I spent in Germany as a young child.

Oktober in Bavaria

My father had been stationed in Munich when I was in the second grade; I remember that time fondly.  We Volksmarched through pine forests with peat moss carpeting.  We drank cocoa to warm up after building snowmen out of the cotton-puff snowflakes that had piled into drifts.  We visited small German towns that brought forth images of horse drawn carriages and medieval knights on white horses.  And we shopped in quaint boutiques and at markets and craft fairs.

I thought of those experiences last night as I tried to find a suitable new hefeweizen to try.  I also thought of my protagonist, Jen, and the time she spent in Germany…

Oktoberfest in Chapter 11

Standing in front of the refrigerated case last night was not the first time in my recent past that I’d been drawn to reminiscence about Bavaria.  I relived those childhood memories and worked hard to capture their essence as I wrote about Jen’s travels in Sunrise Fires (yes the book is FINALLY titled!).

This segment of the book was a joy to write and, even when rereading it during editing, it brought me warm feelings and imagery relived through all my senses.

Ironically, Oktoberfest 2012 in Bavaria just ended a few days ago (on the 7th).  And just yesterday (the 9th), I sent the book back for formatting.  It is a week of milestones, nostalgia, and anticipation as time creeps forward until my book release date.


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2 responses to “Oktoberfest”

  1. Nuri says :

    I love the connection between you and your protagonist Jen. I can’t wait to buy the book!

  2. Priscilla says :

    First of all, your blogs are amazing. Second, you read my mind when it came to Bavaria and Oktoberfest. Just like you recall your experiences as a little girl in Germany, I constantly recall my teenage years in England. The history, the culture, the way of living, that’s where I met my husband as well…I can’t get enough. Since we left in 05′ I’ve been back three times. For me, it’s the memories, the way I feel when I go back is amazing. I just get wrapped up, literally. I’ve been separated from my husband for two years due to training. We’ll hopefully reunite in 2013. We’re planning a trip back to Europe. We have compromised, so I get to choose a city and so does he. Guess what I chose?! London! And we were thinking Bavaria… I feel you’ve helped us officially decide!

    Thank You beautiful Peacock!

    P.s) Nothing beats an Oktoberfest or a Pumpkin Ale… Lets go get one. 🙂

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