The Book, the Beach, the Beginning

Despite the recent hours spent working on it, it’s been a while since I blogged about my book.

Tonight I am feeling nostalgic as the final edits are done and I am making formatting decisions.

The Book

I began this process in April, so it seems like it should be obvious, but only now has the realization begun to settle in:

I have written a BOOK!

A captivating




love story

that will capture the

hearts of readers

(fingers crossed).

One day soon, I will actually be able to say that I am a published author…  and YOU will be able to say “I just read the most recent book by Heather LaBarge!”

The Beach

And it so happens that the ‘most recent’ one is my first – and falling in love with it starts on page one … at the beach.  It is the setting for some of the best, most moving parts of the book.

The beach is a place that my soul finds respite and sanctuary (read about that here); the ocean moves me, cleanses my soul, clears my mind, and sets everything back into divine perspective.

Jen shares my love.  In the book, the ocean is Jen’s muse – especially at sunrise.  She and Ryan love, laugh, and grow – all to the backdrop of crashing waves.

The Beginning

The beginning of every book is the title.  It’s the very first page!

And yet… Jen and Ryan have yet to find their definitive voice.  I have meditated about, thought on, struggled with, waited for, worked on, discussed, brainstormed and chatted about it – yet still … no title.

This book is my beginning – as an author.

And maybe the book’s beginning has me hung up because I am so exquisitely excited to be standing on this precipice.

And maybe I’ve got a teaspoon of fear about what comes next.

Once I take the dive, it’s done – whether well or poorly – anyone on the net can purchase (and scrutinize) my work.

The Bravery

Purgatory Chasm, Rhode Island
Thank you to Adam Amaral and Webstagram for the photo

My feelings remind me of looking down at my child-size shoes as they edged nearer to a chasm in Rhode Island.   Legend has it (or at least my grandma said) that during WWII a Newport girl fell in love with two navy men and couldn’t decide which one to marry. She told them that they would have to jump across the chasm and the one who made it was the one she would marry. There was even a headstone nearby of the man who didn’t make it.

I was sure I could bridge the gap.  And I was considering jumping.

I felt genuine fear while I stood there contemplating my leap (sheesh – a sailor died trying).  But I also felt the adrenaline rush of anticipation – and of being so proud when I got to the far side, and of the look of pride on my grandma’s face too.

She didn’t let me jump.

So this moment in my life is the re-living of that one.

My book’s release – the chasm.

Titling the book represents that final deep breath right before committing to the leap.

Instead of choosing my usual route of self-doubt, I’m choosing bravery.


Big Boss

“As you go the way of life you will see a great chasm.
It is not as wide as you think.”
Native American Proverb

Photo source: WebstaGram


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2 responses to “The Book, the Beach, the Beginning”

  1. Corie says :

    When do you think this book will be published and readily available?

    • ExaltedPeacock says :

      I’m pushing for a time before Christmas so it can be available for the holidays. I’m surprised by how long all the steps in between take. Cover art and electronic formatting is next….and then I can push it to print-on-demand vendors and voila: Amazon will have it 🙂

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