Don’t Worry…


I went to the beach today.

I walked.

Waves reached for me, sometimes having enough oomph to get to me.

I greeted them back with a smile.
Laugh Smiley

The water wasn’t cold really …

though I suspect if I had actually stepped out there,

it might’ve been.

Then I sat

I sat at a lifeguard house…

at the base…

with my back to the wind.

And I wrote. 

I wrote of writing and of inspiration.

Then I sought inspiration from you and from a friend.

I wrote a snippet of fiction, the words ebbing and flowing just like the waves.

I listened 

I listened to the waves while I worked.

I stopped often to listen and to watch.

Just the thought of them seduces me.

My entire chest, even my torso, …

fills to bursting with the thought of them heaving, cresting, crashing

only to give up at the shoreline as if saying:

it’s no use

… even though they’d traveled thousands of miles to reach this very shore.

I checked out the gulls.

I love their sound.

They conversed with me and we laughed together.

One at a time, they flitted down

to land in my vicinity, prance and inspect me.

Some would ask a question or two: “have you anything to eat?” “whatcha doin’ there?” “come here often?”

I didn’t answer any query,

but blessed them for blessing me

and smiled my heart song as their “Godspeed.”

I breathed.

I breathed a lot of wonderful-smelling salted air.

My lungs wanted to burst.

I breathed and breathed but could not get enough of the air …

that disheveled my hair …

and played at my back …

and swirled around my head.

It was force-breathing me and I was happy to let it.

The act alone overwhelmed me and my eyes stung with joy.


writing about it now…

I wish I could teleport there.

I wish these tears that sting in my eyes threatening to burst the dam of lashes tying them back,

were the waves themselves

such that I could have brought a piece of the ocean home with me.


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Finding cool new things each day to love about me & those around me. Everyone is peacock beautiful. Celebrate it!

One response to “Don’t Worry…”

  1. Charlene says :

    Although I have read this a few times, when I read it along with you, it feels, as corny as one may say, but the only word to describe it is magical. Like I am on the beach, feeling those feelings, smelling the salty air, watching the waves crash as sea gulls come and go. I love it 😉

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