Corduroys Equal Love?


I got up this morning and fumbled through my dresser for something to wear.

I knew I’d be editing my book all day so comfort and mood were my primary concerns.

And then my fingers slipped over the fuzzy wales of an old pair of corduroy pants. As soon as my fingers struck the material, my mouth curved into a broad smile and my heart radiated:


My thrift store 1970s beige pants are well worn and oh so comfortable.

They feel sensual as they hug my curves without pinching despite the few extra pounds I’ve put on since retiring from the Air Force.

I stepped to the mirror and held them up to me. They’re no fashion statement if you’re one of those who judge these things.

But I judged based on how they made me feel and on that scale, these things are decadently fashionable for my mood and my soul so I slipped one foot into each leg and settled them comfortably onto my hips.

I turned around.  Damn my ass looks good. 

As I admired myself, I smiled radiantly – I’m irresistible when I’m happy and confident.

The smiles just kept coming!


The scene reminded me of someone from my childhood: a bear named Corduroy.

This teddy bear lived at a department store and waited for ages to be bought until one day when Lisa walked in and wanted to purchase him.  Her mother refused saying she’d spent too much already and pointing out that Corduroy was missing a button.

That night, Corduroy went hunting for his button around the department store, but by morning he was back on the shelf, still imperfect.

Lisa returned that morning to purchase him with the money she’d saved up in her piggy bank.

She loved him despite the missing button.

Defining beauty

Corduroy was beautiful to Lisa and beside him stands Velveteen Rabbit and any other number of perfectly imperfect childhood companions; even Winnie the Pooh can’t find a shirt that fits yet we love and cherish him.

So as I stood in the mirror admiring my curves covered so wonderfully by these corduroys, I was reminded that a thing need not be perfect to be lovable.

My belly has stretch marks from bearing children and some would say I need to lose a few pounds; but I say I’m sexy.  I’m beautiful.  I’m worthy of love as I am; right here, right now, today.

I don’t need a ‘Lisa’ to come along for me to realize that.

I need only to remind myself in these small moments of clarity.

Thank you Corduroy(s).

Corduroy Pants photo taken by me 🙂
Corduroy Teddy photo courtesy of


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Finding cool new things each day to love about me & those around me. Everyone is peacock beautiful. Celebrate it!

12 responses to “Corduroys Equal Love?”

  1. Nuri says :

    Beautiful!!!! This is the perfect analogy, especially about pooh bear, that made me laugh so hard because his shirt that doesn’t fit is why I love him and wouldn’t want him any other way. But why cant I accept my imperfections? From my fast weight gain I have a multitude of reddish stretchmarks on my hips that I just cant accept. But if I cant accept them, how can anyone else?

    • ExaltedPeacock says :

      This analogy is the beginning to that acceptance I think, Nuri. If you can accept others despite their flaws, why not grant yourself the same gracious love and acceptance? Here is something that I do to change the way I think:
      1. In my everyday experience, I allow myself a harsh hateful critical eye toward the strangers / acquaintances.
      2. I then intentionally look at them as someone loved (mother, sister, boyfriend, cousin). Often the scenario makes that part easy (they’re walking with someone who clearly loves them). I spend time on step two and I mentally build a life for them – one of love, joy and companionship.
      3. I compare the two points of view (#1 & #2) and I realize that no matter how hateful my initial thoughts, I didn’t affect how lovable person is. I didn’t affect the opinion of those who love them nor did I affect their opinion of themselves. Nothing changed except my outlook.
      As an example, imagine the public spectacle we’ve made of Honey boo boo child and her family. In many ways public society shuns them and makes them a laughingstock and yet – does that diminish their love for one another? Does Honey Boo-Boo (I feel silly even calling her that) love her mother any less because she now sees her the way society does? Is Honey Boo-boo’s mom suddenly struck with the desire to lose a bunch of weight and get in shape b/c of the opinion of others? The answer to all of the above is resoundingly “no.” If Honey Boo boo finds value in her seemingly uneducated, clinically obese mother, isn’t it possible that others can too?
      It doesn’t mean YOU need to love her, but you only need to acknowledge that she IS lovable.
      And so, too, are you, Nuri. People love you. And those of us that do, those of us that matter, we couldn’t care less about those stretch marks.

  2. Kelsea says :

    What amazing imagery, I know that I’ve tried to continuously find Lisa’s in my life to prove to myself that I’m lovable even though I’m not perfect. After so many Lisa’s leave though it’s hard to believe in the future ones. Finding our self worth in Lisa or any other only sets ourselves up for self doubt. Realizing this however is a lot easier than changing it, unfortunately. But what an inspiring post and wonderful throwback to a childhood story 🙂

  3. JusNod says :

    A delicously good read, thank you for that. You paint such a vivid picture with words I was caught up until the end.

  4. Pharmg621 says :

    Hello! interesting site! I’m really like it! Very, very good!

  5. Christina Morley says :

    Hi Heather! I’m reading your fun and healthy self-image post from the SITS Sharefest. Our happy news is that our lost kitten has been found and it’s in my latest post. We live in South Africa.

  6. Caroline Murphy says :

    I my cords. Since living in Miami, they really wouldn’t get much use here. I do have a pair of sweatpants, that I wouldn’t dare leave the house in, but they are my comfy pants on a lounging around the house kind of day!

    • Exalted Peacock says :

      I have a pair of those too! And my daughter hates them so wearing them has a cool family “inside story” that comes back to life whenever I wear them 🙂 A different kind of joy added to the comfort of those sweats. Thanks so much for the comment

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