Family Camping

I love a campfire … love the smell, the smoke …the draw that brings the family together without me having to insist.

The campfire is the family social place…as the kitchen is in the home.

Friends, laughter, children, cameraderie…adults drinking beer, chatting, and joking while the kids roast marshmallows and eat s’mores and talk as if the adults are the visitors to THEIR event!!

As the evening wanes into night, the deep black of the sky dotted by the romance of starsand the sound of nature is its own calming respite … dragging in a damp chill that brings the promise of warm sleeping bags and chilled noses in a few brief hrs…

Truth is, I love camping. It is one of the few times I wake early.

 Past boyfriends have liked to get up and leave the tent early finding themselves in the solitude of the campsite at sunrise.

Not me, though. I do wake early, but I generally don’t get up .

I lay there deliberately reveling in the warmth of my sleeping bag …and finding a child-like joy in the sunlight’s diffusion thru the bright tent colors… it’s sun-bright without any sight of the sun.

I don’t know why but it refreshes my feelings about faith…that something does not have to be seen to be true or to exist.

(Soul smiles).

Then I look to see how my kids are doing…are they comfy?

Which one of them needs this morning’s snuggle first??

No…for me… breaking the seal on the tent and letting the world in…it’s a shared family experience.

We face the world together when we’re all ready


Thank you to Chantal Steyn on Flickr for the photo



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2 responses to “Family Camping”

  1. Nuri says :

    Ive never been camping because of fear of bugs. Now after reading this i almost feel silly for letting something so simple stop me. I would love to experience the sun peaking through my tent as i wake up, just beautiful.

  2. Shell says :

    Love the visuals in your writing…. yes, ’tis the season for camping 🙂

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