Rise and Shine

I miss the feeling that comes with having someone beside me while I’m sleeping.

It’s the tenderness that I miss most about that very vulnerable time. The affection, attention…the caress of a hand as it tries to find a cool spot on the bed, the rub of a foot seeking the company of another, the stability of a chest against my back, the warmth of breath on the back of my neck, the smell of my lover so close I could please him again and again right now or in five minutes or in the middle of the night or as we wake or …

And here in the morning, I wake wishing there was a drag across my skin…. fingertips seeking the roller coaster of curves as a  wake up call… the warmth of his touch sending affection and love through my bloodstream where is races to settle in my heart … I doze off again, content at the presence in my bed…

There is this moment… morning light, diffuse and cheery, rousing me … when I wake, realizing that I’ve trusted someone enough  to allow them to be with me at my most physically vulnerable…my most helpless. In slumber, they could’ve done absolutely anything to me. But here they are…. tender, sleeping….trusting me in precisely the same way.

It is amazing to wake up before my lover, look over and see him sleeping peacefully…still smiling from our love making…chest rising and falling slowly…body mine for the taking …the smell of sex still lingering.

A soft stroke of my foot along his calf and he rouses only enough to stretch and respond, sliding his leg in my direction. I sidle closer to him…

In that moment, all is right with the world.


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Finding cool new things each day to love about me & those around me. Everyone is peacock beautiful. Celebrate it!

3 responses to “Rise and Shine”

  1. Nuri says :

    Breath takingly beautiful.
    It’s hard for me to relate or even have that sense of wanting those feelings because I’ve never had that before. I love waking up in the morning alone. I’m use to it. And the idea of someone doing all those things and touching me seems almost like a disturbance of that peace in the morning of me waking up alone, my thoughts to myself, no one there to judge me or no worries about being judged.
    But I def understand ur wanting of that, especially since its something that u experienced! It is easy to remember things that u had and want that again rather than someone like me who has never 🙂

    • ExaltedPeacock says :

      Nuri – by the time you sleep next to someone, I genuinely hope that that fear of being judged is long since alleviated by the love of your significant other. When that day comes, the softness and warmth of this moment will be unfettered by your fear 🙂
      Thank you for continuing to follow this page and for commenting.

  2. Jake says :

    I absolutely love how you capture all of the “wants and needs” of the human body as itself and separately those of the heart and mind, and then bring them together to show how they compliment eachother such as two people coming together in the beautiful way you described. Extraordinary!
    -love jake

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