If you don’t love yourself …

If you don’t love yourself, how can you trust others when they say they love you?

A man told me today that he loved me.

And I desperately wanted to believe him.

I do love him – that much I know.

But I am not sure that he really loves me.

Maybe he loves the idea of me.  Maybe he loves the parts of me that he has seen so far.  Maybe he loves:

  • The cordial me
  • The proper me
  • The public façade that truly represents me but isn’t ALL of me

I fear that when he knows ALL of me,

… maybe he won’t actually love me.  Maybe today he was just enamored of me or what he thinks I am.

Maybe when he knows ALL of me, he will:

  • Begin to treat me less well than he does today
  • Love me less, if at all
  • Expect more of me so that I might earn the love that I “no longer deserve”
  • Be gone

How do I avoid this trap and all of the feelings that surround it?

  • I spend time in joyful positive introspection.
  • I examine all of my beautiful qualities.
  • I spend time preening each feather that I discover and appreciating its beauty.
  • I do as I did the other day and smell the roses in the mirror .

Eventually these things result in a positive self-awareness.

They result in self-appreciation.

They result in self-love.
sweet kiss


And when I love myself then I allow him to love me too.
red hearts



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Finding cool new things each day to love about me & those around me. Everyone is peacock beautiful. Celebrate it!

3 responses to “If you don’t love yourself …”

  1. HikKik says :

    Miss Peacock,
    I agree and think the word love is such a vague word. I love my mother and sisters but not in the same way I love a woman or a dog or whatever god you prescribe to. To use one word for all of these different situations is the beginning of its misuse. If you ask 10 people what “I love you” means, you’re likely to get 10 vaguely similar but different answers. It’s one of the hardest words in the English language to describe succinctly.

  2. Jake says :

    I feel that sometimes when we feel that people must be deciphered or questioned on their sincerity, It is really ourselves that must trust in the fact that we are worth honesty. The world should be the only one at loss when loss is given by the world :]

  3. Charlene says :

    Every day, I try to love myself more and more … You inspire me and make me realize that it is possible and one day, I will achieve it. Thank You!!!

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