The Worst Beating Ever

112 Words

In the spring of 2012, I took a creative writing class at the College of Southern Nevada.   The class was a delight.  And the instructor, Bob Cawley was amazing – such a rich resource full of character and spunk.

One of our challenges was to write a short story.  Bob’s word limit: 112 words!  

I thought it couldn’t be done but I began anyway (lest I arrive at class empty handed).  I spent time writing flowery prose and then excising that which was unnecessary – writing and then using a scalpel to surgically remove all but that which was critical to the story.

The piece I wrote fits the general theme of my website – though it is admittedly the darker side of rediscovering one’s self: it exposes the root of the cause of my own self-loathing.  Still the piece is fun and I loved writing it.  Enjoy!

The Worst Beating Ever

It reeked of rotten eggs.  Cacophony, pure bedlam still raged outside the dean’s office.  Teachers attempting to regain control. Students laughing, yelling, ignoring teachers.  Custodians mopping, complaining.

The call had been placed.  A decade since Dad had married the brutal disciplinarian; today would draw out her undiluted bitch.  My rainbow-food-coloring stained hands would do little to stay the pain of her fists, the belt. I wondered how long recuperation would take.

As her pinched visage appeared in the crack of the opening door, the greased pig squealed by, a mob in tow. As they scrambled past, she thudded to the floor, disheveled, skirt askew.

One thought prevailed: “Senior prank day: WORTH IT!”


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