Introduction to Jen and Ryan

Sunrises on the beach, time spent in loving adoration and sensual exploration.  Who wouldn’t want that?  It is the life Jen and Ryan lead at the outset of this book (to be  published around Christmas 2012 (and let’s hope I have a title by then)). 


Jen feels so much like me – or at least the me I am growing away from.  She is self-doubting and insecure when it comes to romance and interaction with the opposite sex.  But at work she is a powerhouse; she is confident and commands respect, finding professional success easily.   So why is love so much harder?  Why must she always live in fear of the next abandonment? 


And Ryan is a dreamboat of support and patience; he remains a constant so that we are free to take a closer look at Jen. A dirt-bike rider and a sweetheart who has eyes only for Jen, Ryan is a strong leading man that Jen should be able to lean on.  It will be interesting to see if he can withstand the turbulence of the separation brought on by her career.

Author’s thoughts

Writing this book was a delight and seeing it in print will be satisfying to the nth degree.  I hope that reading it brings a sense of hopefulness and satisfaction to you as well. 



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