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AVAILABLE NOW, Sunrise Fires

Regional sales executive Jennifer Simmons has it all: a solid career with upward mobility, two independent beautiful children and at long last, a boyfriend who is her partner in every way.  The life she has built with Ryan is satisfying intellectually, emotionally and especially sexually.  And she believes that if she simply doesn’t change anything, then everything will stay just as it is: perfect.

An offer comes that could launch Jen to new heights professionally, but at what cost?  Typically strong and independent, she finds herself at a loss, spinning in an ocean of self-doubt and insecurity. She feels like she must decide between professional success and satisfaction or personal joy, love and fulfillment.

Can she find the personal strength to take the opportunity? And if she does, will she and Ryan survive the separation?  Does Jen have to decide between personal and professional success or can she dare to have both?

Get more information on Sunrise Fires, sample the work and download the first five chapters FREE!   Or BUY NOW!


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