Songs to Help Us Bounce Back

Today, I went thrift shopping for the forest time in AGES! In the process of getting back it there to do one of my favorite pastimes, I nofelt a renewed sense of autonomy after being holed up for so long (thanks 2029. I’m looking at you, COVID-19).

While I was shopping, I found the most amazing book. I love finding things like books and games and photographs and paintings at the thrift store. Each one of these items has a story behind them that takes me to this creative and somewhat romantic place. I think about the person who owns this item before me and about what story the item has to tell.

This particular book is called Bounce Back. And what I love about it is that it was such an easy book to open and flip to any page to find some quick uplifting message and an immediate action that you can take to move away from feelings of sadness, grief, loss, victimhood, depression, or even overwhelmment. You name the negative emotion, and I bet you can find a solution on the pages of this book.

I think about the person who owned this book before me and I wonder if they’re living their best life right now. This is the kind of book that you could use all the time, at lots of different points in life: the kind of book that would last a lifetime. UNLESS… You are already fully (and permanently) living of your bliss – kind of like the person who must have dropped this book off at the thrift store. I’m happy for that person; better still, I’m happy for me too because FINDERS KEEPERS (a rule that applies mostly at thrift stores).

One of the my favorite pointers is tip #55 “Dance Your Heartache Out” which has a list of songs that seem completely and utterly IMPOSSIBLE not to sing if your heard them being played. Some of my personal favorites from the list are “I Can See Clearly Now”, “The Banana Boat Song,” and “I Will Survive,” but there were many more. I dare you to play one of these doozies on the best speakers in your house and see what happens (personal prediction: you can’t make it 90 seconds without starting to sing right along).

To that end, I felt it was only right to add some of my favorites to the playlist that I made to keep our spirits up. I realize it’s Monday. Yes, that also means I know it’s not Friday… nor Philharmonic Friday. But hey, sometimes you gotta break the rules, do a little something different, like maybe Dance Your Heartache Away.

White Privilege – Monday Motivation #50

So, I was on Facebook this week and I posted an image on privilege that upset a friend – a white friend. He asked me to spell it out him “like I’m five.” He was not the first white friend of mine with whom I had some words about the week’s events; emotionally charged events like these can really rip at the fabric of relationships. I answered this friend because he gave me the platform to try and because, even though it’s hard to talk about these topics, in my opinion, it’s necessary.  

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George Floyd and So Many Others – Philharmonic Friday

This week I have no words that can soften what the nation is experiencing, what black Americans experience on a routine basis, what each of us is experiencing on an individual level as we watch the events unfold, as we attempt to make sense of what we are seeing, as we engage with one another.

Friday is my day for music – typically uplifting music; this week, I feel like a different vibe is necessary. I have gathered these four songs as ones that may resonate, may heal, may salve open emotional wounds:

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My Friends by Oh Wonder – Philharmonic Friday

Find this along with all of my other Philharmonic Friday Songs on my Spotify Playlist or on my YouTube Channel.

This week has been emotionally brutal. Our beautiful pit bull rescue Danaerys is no longer with us and it has been a week of thunderous waves of sadness and loss.

Losing a pet is hard – so hard. Losing this dear sweet kind gentle rescue feels even harder still. I had wanted to give her more time living a happy carefree life – enough time to make up for the years she spent as an overused breeder-dog and the years she spent living in shelters awaiting her rescue family.

I feel robbed of that opportunity and searching for solace. I find myself selfishly missing Dani’s presence and feeling sad for memories-not-made … which brings me this week’s song…

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Let’s Go by Group 1 Crew – Philharmonic Friday

Find this along with all of my other Philharmonic Friday Songs on my Spotify Playlist or on my YouTube Channel.

I know that Group 1 Crew has been a recent Phil Fri. I know. I know. And I will say that I do try to put new and varied music on here each Friday, buuuutttt…

I can’t help touting this song as we run into this upcoming long weekend. I have been feeling so ‘limited’ by my bajillion options in life – like I have to restrict myself so that I can “be sure to be successful.” And then here comes this song and it has SUCH a powerful counterpoint to my mental B.S. I mean, I can’t help but sing along when I hear:

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Analysis Paralysis – Monday Motivation #49

This week I am struggling. I feel like I am being pulled in a thousand directions and – in a strange twist – I want to do ALL OF THEM right now! I once wrote a post about what happens when members of the same family have dreams that pull them in different directions. This year, the ‘different directions’ are all coming from inside me – in my heart. I feel like I have a ton of doors unlocked and available to me right now. And I want to try them all!

Have you ever felt that way? Like you have choose a path – just one path – even though there are a number of doors that intrigue you (and maybe even some windows). Still, somehow it feels like you only get one road to your ‘best life’ …one road to happiness or success – have you ever felt like that? Like choosing the right door is a lottery with massive consequences? Choose wisely because if you choose the wrong door, tsk tsk… you are headed for a life of …

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Beautiful by Social Code – Philharmonic Friday

Find this along with all of my other Philharmonic Friday Songs on my Spotify Playlist or on my YouTube Channel.

Alternative rock tends to make me feel less uplifted and more angry (which is a really great and useful emotion to be sure). So it may seem a little strange that this week’s song comes from a band who once toured with Sum 41 and Finger Eleven on their 2007 Strength in Numbers Tour (I couldn’t find a news article or other link to a concert tour from so long ago, but I did find this blog post that just tickled me!).

Anyways, Alt Rock – maybe feels a little less happy-go-lucky and a little more leave-me-the-eff-alone … But here’s the thing:

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Mother’s Day Message – Offering an Alternative

I decided that this week, instead of Monday Motivation, posting a Sunday Validation is more important. There will not be a post tomorrow.

As today is Mother’s Day, the vast majority of people will be celebrating mothers, extolling their virtues and praising their hard work.

I didn’t have that experience.

My experience with mother(s) was far less loving than anything I see reflected in mass media, social media, and current personal experience.

Today, I want to offer space for those of us with “Mother-issues” so that we can also feel like our experience is valid. For those who need to hear it:

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Danaerys: Reason, Season, Lifetime – Monday Motivation #48

This week, I took the dog to the vet (again). She has begun to refuse to walk. Intermittently, she’ll leave the house ready to go on her nightly constitutional and then she’ll get one or two houses down before refusing to go further… or literally turning around and heading back home. This now – in addition to the recurrent foot-pad and nail fungus, the skin cancer, the kidney disease, the arthritis, the looming blindness from cataracts…

It sucks being at this place. She’s at least 8 years old so the health issues shouldn’t be a surprise. But still, watching mortality creep up …

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Rise Up by Andra Day – Philharmonic Friday

Find this along with all of my other Philharmonic Friday Songs on my Spotify Playlist or on my YouTube Channel.

This week in the United States, we’ve seen our republic thrown into a fervor of turmoil and fear; people feel like our government (specifically State governors) is/are being forced to choose between health or economic stability. The political rhetoric is full of fear: on the one hand economic ruin, on the other death. Some State governors are flinging the doors of their economies open and seemingly ignoring the health risks to their populations; meanwhile other governors are keeping their economies closed while their citizens suffer under economic and financial pressure. At a time like this, I think it’s easy to become lost in the negativity and confusion that surrounds us, to become entrenched in our position and embittered by our helplessness, to separate ourselves from our friends and neighbors based on the us-and-them rhetoric sold by for-profit ‘news’ outlets.

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Endings and Umpires – Monday Motivation #47

Closing Time

This weekend, I completed the final two videos of my YouTube Channel. I had begun it in 2016 as I dealt with yet another abnormal Mammogram that got quite a bit more serious than usual. That channel has been a friend to me during a pretty rough set of experiences. That’s what made officially ending it an emotional experience for me. It truly made me start thinking about ends and about beginnings and about how to help me not feel bad or sad or guilty about closing the channel.

The first thing that came to mind was a song lyric that I feel like was so overplayed when it came out (but that I secretly still love):

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Semisonic – “Closing Time”
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Shine – Philharmonic Friday

Find this along with all of my other Philharmonic Friday Songs on my Spotify Playlist or on my YouTube Channel.

I was looking for a song to motivate me this week, something to help me feel energized and to get over my doldrums of the past series of weeks. Anna Nalick did not disappoint!

This song builds from a place of feeling like you’re nothing – unworthy …

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